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Be on trial be on trial of embezzlement of 39 property manager
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Lin Changxing of 57 years old ever held the post of assistant factory director of former southern pharmaceutical factory this year, 39 projects of limited company of 39 property development and Shenzhen city develop successor head office general manager, legal representative. This year on January 13 forest be detained by criminal. This case is 39 groups the 2nd when former senior administrator is suspected of crime series case be being tried in Shenzhen open a court session, because Lin Wenqing of financial inspector general of company of before this 39 engineerings is suspected of 1.985 million yuan taking bribes jointly with Lin Changxing and in be on trial be on trial of court of Shenzhen city intermediate people. Lin Changxing of the general manager before limited company of 39 property development is in Shenzhen yesterday court of Shenzhen city intermediate people appears in court be on trial be on trial, lin Changxing is accused more than yuan 630 to be suspected of embezzlement, defalcate many yuan 390, take bribes 1.985 million yuan.

Check just accuses his " agree without what ranking company reachs our company leading group " with public money many yuan 1000 fry an experience suspect blame, rejoin in Lin Zaiting careful say to execute high centralization of state power inside 39 groups, why the Qian Ru of the company is spent is him a person said to calculate, oneself behavior cannot calculate crime.


Fry gigantic false Zhang is strong after having a deficit touch

Procuratorate accusation says, 2002 metaphase arrives at the beginning of 2003, lin Changxing is holding the position of 39 property of Shenzhen city to develop limited company (the following abbreviation 39 property company) during general manager, legal representative, agree without what ranking company reachs our company leading group, the individual decides cent 4 times RMB of public fund of 39 property company 10.3 million yuan, the account from 39 property company and used Shenzhen city some company account, turn into its oneself and account of stock of its pilot Yang Mou's individual undertake a stock trade, be engaged in seeking profits activity.

Because fry cause deficit of a huge sum, lin Changxing on October 31, 2003, turn from stockjobber paragraph RMB goes to 39 property company more than yuan 3.92 million account, remand partial debt.

2003 the end of the year, lin Changxing incite sb to do sth the financial personnel of 39 property company owes the rest RMB more than yuan 6.37 million, major with paying a project the paragraph, means that still owes phonily phonily, be in the public money of 39 property company after our company and Zhang of used some company bank pay phonily between date, turn again time, strong touch debt. The rest fraction, use the money of house of company carry out that did not enter company Zhang to give strong touch.

Check just is maintained, pass above 3 kinds of means, lin Changxing the public money RMB 39 property company more than yuan 6.37 million, false reimbursement, give embezzle.
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