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Zhengzhou plans to restore to shacking hobo collects fees management
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In Zheng Dongxin regulation of children hospital of Ou Jianxin, property comes on stage this year... yesterday morning, 11 standing committee of city of Zhengzhou of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference on the 15th conference, li Liu of Zhengzhou city deputy mayor reported work of whole town security of society personally, the bureau such as bureau of canal of city health bureau, room appoint a party to an undertaking, reported the conduction circumstance of draft resolution of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference was mixed 2006 the job will plan henceforth.
Safe problem common people cares most. Deputy mayor Li Liu says personally, spring Festival eve, will wait for ground of hobo inhabit a region to city village, undertake two clear centrally to 3 check, keep within limits and reduce illegal crime.
Be aimed at the problem of hobo temporary residence permit that the society pays close attention to, li Liu introduces personally, zhengzhou city plans to pass the form of legislation of National People's Congress or governmental regulations, restore to be opposite shack of hobo collect fees management.
"Urban firework cracker ' ban change be restricted ' , the likelihood causes a series of society problems. " Li Liu expresses personally, public security, fire control, safe production is supervised, unit and the branch such as the hospital, want to had done each job with all one's strength, ensure the citizen spends a stable and auspicious Spring Festival.
Be located in east the hospital of Zhengzhou city children of 3 streets, traffic inconvenience, and hospital area small, patient is much, close-packed, many parents are not satisfactory. Chen Deyu of director of Zhengzhou city health bureau expresses, new children hospital will be built in Zhengdong new developed area, optional location job has been finished, area 200 mus.
Be aimed at the property problem that the citizen pays close attention to, zhengzhou town house is in charge of bureau director Wang Anguo to say, " regulation of Zhengzhou city property " already final version, after waiting for a mayor to do consortium discussion to pass, can sign up for city National People's Congress. Predict this year July around, can pass carry out.
Wang Anguo expresses, bureau of canal of Zhengzhou town house will push policy of stage of pass in and out actively this year, solve collective land to do card problem, at present policy already was drafted end, preparative newspaper sends municipal government; Will publish policy to because the enterprise recombines,be solved next year, the problem doing card that changes control and guide to send.

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