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Attic owner " put in a skylight-leave a blank in a publication to show that sth
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Water of golden hill green jade is proud the Mr Lin incoming telegram of 7 building says Mei Yuan, begin last week, the two owner salary earner of layer of 7 buildings top carries inclined roofing on the head to go up in the building " put in a skylight-leave a blank in a publication to show that sth has been censored " , noise affected neighbour badly people the life.

Walk into be proud the plum encloseds ground for growing trees the gate of the village, can hear from 7 buildings floor the top is transmitted " rumble " beat. Village dwellers tell a reporter, this is the sound that the worker demolishs housetop inclined roofing with hammer.

The reporter reachs the summit subsequently layer, 701, two 702 are room of double entry semifinished product. The nacarat tile that the building carries inclined roofing on the head to go up is lifted largely, the worker opened 5 square metre each in two side roofing " scuttle " .

Management is proud Director Wang Qing of company of property of 10 thousand fine benefit says the Fuzhou of plum center property, many owner search to complain, property also looks for attic owner to talk things over for many times, "But property authority is limited, cannot let his shutdown compulsively. Cannot let his shutdown compulsively..

The reporter sought advice to concern a branch subsequently. The staff member that develops business says, wait for a regulation according to property right card, the inclined roofing that the building carries on the head belongs to communal area, put in all owner 's charge all.

The reporter contacted a storehouse subsequently government of a mountainous area city executes the law bureau, execute the law bureau the staff member says, this householder rebuilds in building top inclined roofing is examined and approve without the course, had disobeyed relevant law.

Execute the law bureau had asked with written form householder " this month 18 days before instantly shutdown is restorable " , will undertake condemnatory by relevant provision otherwise.

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