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River door: The foreground of property management very be valued
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"Develop through 8 years many, property manages this one concept to be mixed to accept by understanding of river door citizen, understanding stage by stage, property management already formed climate stage by stage, of the village enclothe rate year after year to rise. The citizen buys a room nowadays, should see this building first dish have property management, it is which property management the company is in charge of. " the city that Zhang Duming of director of management board of city house property held a few days ago says so on annual meeting of property government institute.

The property management of the our city starts later, the later period in 90 time just begins to develop, till 2002 the bottom establishs property management guild, property management is in river door gradually make good, property management also became numerous building dish sell one of dots. Come a few years, city property managed association to develop the bridge action between government and enterprise, assisted a government to strengthen the self-discipline of the industry and management, cooperate a government actively to drive the healthy progress of property government industry.

Property government industry grows quickly

Introduce according to the personage inside course of study, "At present the property management of river door is in the primary level of development, the idea that broad citizen manages to property gradually clear, the development of whole industry begins the right path on the pace. " as we have learned, many professional personages value the foreground of this industry, in recent years, a few enterprises in succession sortie property manages an industry, foreign property management company begins to garrison river door; Property of house property management department, city manages association to wait to also be in do his utmost to breed industry of this one rising sun. The property management of river door " the travel before broken ice " , got developing quickly in nearly two years.

"Now, the property management company that river retail sales already registered has many 90, but the subsidiary that the content pipe business of 90 % above is derive of business of house property development, the property management company that has major additionally 8 (contain foreign company 2) . " according to institute of city property government logical sequence chairman introduces Zhangkun, whole town carries out the project of property management to have 185 at present, the gross area of property management amounts to 12 million square metre, among them residential administration project has 98, the area that accepts property management amounts to 4.73 million square metre, what great majority executes property management is to build a village; In be not residential property, the area that executive property manages amounts to 643 square metre about.

2006, the service quality that manages an industry to promote property and the quality from personnel of course of study, drive the brand construction of the industry and sincere letter construction, province, city began property management standard to serve the activity that amount to mark in succession, the our city shares 4 project to obtain province, city respectively " property management demonstrative village " title, among them Jia Huayuan of culmination international • is judged to be " Guangdong province property manages demonstrative village " , jing Yuan of garden of fine horse scene, Hao is judged to be " property of river retail sales manages demonstrative village " , electric power edifice is judged to be " Guangdong province property manages demonstrative edifice " .
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