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International Electron
International Electronic Headquarters of the Zhongguancun Science Park City, key industrial projects, is northeast of Beijing Fourth Ring volume of electronic i

Class 5A East Second
Inn located in the Chaoyang Dajie Beijing, the project is an existing 100 square meters, 200 square meters, 420 square meters of three area rental, daily rent o

Nanjing Wanda Plaza hous
In the area of 80-168 square meters of houses for sale two bedrooms to four bedrooms, price 17000-18000 yuan / square meter. Project: Nanjing Wanda Plaza, a

Raise capital by floatin
National Day around, hong Kong couplet handed in place to become outback estate of business " the golden week " the destination of brigade. Come from Septe

6 years property managem
Home remedy makes clause of Xiang Yu the Conqueror, proper motion hire carry out parking space, the bully gas of property company makes consumer indignant. This

Company of Beijing prope
Recently, concerned orgnaization hopes to Peking Man what kind of community plans to reached property management to undertake investigating, the person that the

Appropriate of office en
Normally for. Office entrance door all leaves in a house in the middle of, this is very regular distribution. But if will choose from geomantic angle, “ Z

Beijing banking market p
Regard Beijing as one of groups of trade of 4 big core, zhongGuanCun is the throughout the country's biggest electronic product distribution centre, in quite lo

Price achieves Beijing o
A few days ago, fund of development of Central Africa of national development bank buys center of trade of triumphant morning world formal already autograph mak

Capital floor city is go
Go against under situation, partial office building develops business to begin to consider change strategy. Develop business Beijing constant to promote lim

Specific power consumpti
In July, heat wave raids a person. In a such fervent season, air conditioning was become alleviate of heat wave for Leng Weishi, but its bad news also can make

Nanjing: Pay off a room
Nanjing: Pay off a room to borrow borrow again can calculate first The Central Bank, silver-colored inspect can call together chief of branch of credit of 5 big

New phenomenon of author
New phenomenon of authority of Nanjing garage dimension Why owner in succession does shape accuse house property bureau? The uninterrupted report of our newspap