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Property one by one sues owner to urge hand in cost
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Yesterday, the property company of couplet home sues the Ou Xinhua that connect a city owner week Yi defaults property to expend one case, connecting first instance of state district court to adjudicate, zhou Yi is sentenced this month 25 handed in the property cost that defaults two years to add up to a few days ago 5005.6 yuan. Latter, one by one of this property company sues the owner that defaults property cost, the similar case that solves in open a court session of court of the district that connect a city or front courtyard transfer to other localities rises with respect to know exactly about sth, the result is owner fills handed in charge.

Property admits management has blemish

The accuser agent that appear in court is boast of land of vise general manager of limited company of management of property of Beijing Yue a person of extraordinary powers, he says, entered in July 2003 new the Zhou Yi of China couplet home comes to did not hand in property administration fee on December 31, 2006 from January 1, 2005, by every smooth rice is calculated 1.45 yuan, the area of 140.05 square metre should hand in 5125.6 yuan, include 562.64 yuan of fine for delaying payment among them.

In front courtyard careful, yi of the accused week and marital Nie Yi say, because the neglect one's duty of property company makes Xiaoou long-standing,handing in property to expend is of a wholesome, fire prevention and afforest respect problem. For example, their home is to the smoke evacuation of house of barbecue of a Korea inside the village, lampblack crosscurrent of pungent, sewage, never dare open a window.

Zhou Yi's couple still says, village greenbelt by scrape sandy soil ground, the pool that lie between oil is bare, high pressure is electronic-controlled box inadequacy is 1.5 meters tall, cause safe, wholesome hidden trouble serious.

The course is as long as the front courtyard careful of 4 hours, because Zhou Yi cannot offer the evidence of behavior of property company neglect one's duty, the court adjudicates Zhou Yi to lose a lawsuit, in the meantime, property admits afforest and the blemish that wholesome respect manages, because this is below judge proposal, discharge wholesome cost and fine for delaying payment. Zhou Yi must hand in accuser finally 5005.6 yuan.

Many owner fills hand in property cost

New property of China couplet home accuses owner to owe cost is not any more, only a month has 45 cases recently. Face digital owner to oppugn, boast of accuser representative land says, "We accuse owner is random, without specific aim. " " still will have one case tomorrow, that owner preparation is settled out of court, " Liu Yao says to the reporter, "We are very helpless also, but we are communicating the village environment problem that they put forward in, the collection that property expends did not encounter very big obstacle. " according to introducing, because many owner loses a lawsuit one after another, this village a few owner that owe cost fill in succession handed in property cost.
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