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Company of Beijing property management is about to enter dish whole period
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Recently, concerned orgnaization hopes to Peking Man what kind of community plans to reached property management to undertake investigating, the person that there are 38.1 % in informant thinks but canal of top other people expends susceptive it is every square metre every months 2 yuan, the content canal service that the hope gets includes the security personnel, regular bus that decide a dot 24 hours, receive send the child... the demand that visible Peking Man is in charge of an enterprise to content is not low. In addition, the end of the year set construction ministry last year, begin content to be in charge of an enterprise to execute aptitude grade assess from 2000, content canal project executes public action to bid make. Then, "The market this year is bad to do " a when became property company managers to be hanged in mouth edge " catchword " .
Statistical data shows, beijing shares content to be in charge of an enterprise at present 904, specialize in a company among them 777, company holding battalion concurrently 127; Inside endowment enterprise 831, enterprise of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals 73. Be in bad to do below the circumstance, why can competition show market of Beijing content canal to plant posture? Is each content in charge of an enterprise how to make his service is approbated by owner? Market demand increases to be in charge of an enterprise to offer good luck for content
Beijing all Yu Qingxin of general manager of company of property of a person of extraordinary powers thinks, at present Beijing content is in charge of the market to present 4 big characteristics: It is above all rise as what develop commodity card consciousness, they will discard stage by stage " build from the canal oneself " idea, give professional other people to be in charge of a company the project; It is the state-owend enterprise changes next make will make the room is in charge of place to break away from a government sector, the enterprise that becomes assume sole responsibility for its profits or losses is hypostatic; The 3rd it is to build a ministry to stipulate content will be in charge of a project to execute invite public bidding henceforth, not competent other people is in charge of an enterprise to be able to be fried by owner, by new " chamberlain " replace; The 4th logistics that is administrative institution serves content of social melt into to was in charge of the development of the enterprise to offer rare opportunity.
Ji Rujin of assistant director of institute of Tsinghua university estate also thinks, outside dividing existing residence village to must undertake property management, the system shunt that accompanying governmental orgnaization and enterprise or business of the unit change make, the logistics of the unit such as government organization, school, hospital serves also socialization, the external demand of property management has arisen, and the meeting is increasing, the property management that the property management that property of 10 thousand families is in charge of building department office courtyard and lotus property are in charge of division of life of state committee of planning had shown this.
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