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6 years property management is complained rise to be as high as 20.9% the most q
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Home remedy makes clause of Xiang Yu the Conqueror, proper motion hire carry out parking space, the bully gas of property company makes consumer indignant. This morning, in disappear assist those who announce 2006 countrywide disappear assist the organization complains circumstance analysis to show, property management complains quantity increase sharply, among them a list of names posted up on village of Beijing beautiful garden.

Service kind

Property management complains increase sharply

The basis complains circumstance analysis, 2006 of property management complain rise the fastest, be as high as 20.9% , the head the list in amplitude is complained in the service. Main watch runs from opposite directions now the problem of the bequeath that send business is inextricability, offerred safety, wholesome service does not reach the designated position, add valence collects fees and exceed limits, exceed a standard to collect fees, the contract provision that home remedy makes bully energy of life is very, hire carry out parking space by oneself, do sth without authorization rises stop the respect such as fare level.

Notable is, what a lot of circumstances issue disappear to coordinate solution property dispute to cannot get operator is active cooperate. For example, the dispute of property of beautiful garden village that happens in Beijing, below the circumstance that coordinates solution to disable in disappear namely, consumer sues a court, in disappear assist fall with the support of concerned respect, consumer was obtained finally win the lawsuit.

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