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Property exits the village before city straight lake suddenly
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Recently, the one place conduct propaganda of the village before straight lake of the Fuzhou City sticks an announce on column, the property of long Fuzhou heaven and earth that manages this village to already was amounted to 10 years manages limited company to allege suddenly, will on January 25, 2007 break down serves, community dweller is immediately eristic in succession.

The manager Liu Yi that occupies property company helps the introduction, they garrisoned this village 1996, signed an agreement according to the price level at that time, every dweller hands in 25 yuan property administration fee every months. But rise ceaselessly as what material lives, every 25 yuan property is expended already cannot the responsibility is day-to-day expenditure, property company wants deficit every months 2000 yuan go to 3000 yuan, nowadays property of heaven and earth already deficit 200 thousand yuan.

Liu director says, the village jockeys wait for the problem that derives, bring about partial dweller refus to hand in property to expend, debt achieves 180 thousand yuan nowadays. Salary of the member that a few security personnel defend stranger does not have assured source, slack of staff member popular feeling, property cannot continue to manage, final decision exits this village.

By announce, the publicity that still sticking response of owner of part of a piece of village cases. Open letter announces to exit to property the end of the year put forward doubt, the requirement invites eligible company business accounting to manage cost, decide reasonable property cost, ask property company announces items of an account, the relevant money such as the maintenance fund that settle accounts hands in at that time, sign a contract with property of heaven and earth afresh, property of hope heaven and earth does not exit a village.

To this, liu manager expresses self-identity. The community that at present this community place belongs to is resided appoint already can begin to appear personally processing this matter.

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