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A person of extraordinary powers of land home mouth curtilage property steals re
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This is Pudong area up to now the biggest incident that steal report, the whole world representative of 5 big estate and one of service orgnaizations -- , intermediate quantity couplet enters mouth of the home that be stationed in land all right one top class building dish insanity of property management center steals report to be as long as 10 months, steal report 4.212 million degrees. On January 12, city east power company turns over assault of the staff member that steal report many times 20 to check this top class building near Jin Mao edifice dish, the irregularity that finds out this property steals electric behavior.

Inform against ammeter fixed lethargy come to

Be as long as is the behavior stealing report of 10 months how show flaw? According to city east power company introduces about the personage, this the action is to receive personage of know the inside story to inform against first most: In Jin Mao one near the edifice has " Shanghai a person of extraordinary powers curtilage most " the top class building that say dish inside, after the content that intermediate measures couplet to be stationed in this village all right is in charge of a center to execute a bag to work to the charge of electricity of public position, the member that get electric power to copy a watch comes every months to copy watch time to compare fixed chance, large-scale steal report, check in the future namely till the member that predict to copy a watch when, "Lethargy " largely lunar ammeter just is met " movement " in order to deal with an examination. "Through anatomize n, discover a doubtful point, it is n jump light. " this personage says.

Check 24 place ammeter to hide feline be bored with

Through city east power company platoon is felt, cognizance content is in charge of a center to be put in the great suspicion that steal report. On January 12, city east staff of power company examination enters this building directly dish between the distribution of the place such as subterranean garage, discover village light is enough, use environment of many floodlighting beautification. After property opens the gate between 8 distribution, examination staff discovers its steal electric measure very primitive, the dimensions that steal report is very infrequent however, the floodlighting of ladder of old hall air conditioning, scaling ladder, guest, garage 24 place ammeter that involves facilities of commonly used power has feline be bored with, ammeter key place is not had one in good condition, some was opened hook, some by clipping frit silk.

Chase after duty times fine of 1-3 of travel of intermediate quantity couplet

City east power company points out about the personage, they all the time since with high-grade building dish property collaboration must have been compared, pudong area is high-grade building dish never appear such incident that steal report. Did not think of this to be packed in famous brand enterprise below, such problem can appear on management, its method and dimensions make a person amazed, power company will adopt relevant way to find out responsibility.
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