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6 years old of girls drop into cesspit property company to compensate for 300
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"My daughter is in inside the village when amuse oneself inside the cesspit that drops into property branch excavate, although the child is seasonable climbed, did not produce an accident, but systemic dress by flyblown. " 14 days 17 when make 30 minutes, live in side of north of guesthouse of urban day pool of one dweller village orchid the gentleman dials hot line of evening paper news. At that time, orchid the gentleman is managing the office and property company staff to talk things over in this village property solve this matter.
Subsequently, the reporter manages in this village property see inside the office, a little girl sits on sofa, dirty appearance and shoe already were taken off. According to orchid the gentleman is told, at that time oneself daughter of 6 years old is inside the village amuse oneself, inside a cesspit that drops into excavate of village property personnel carelessly. Understand according to him, this cesspit is very deep, the child drops very incidental accident. The dress that wears because of the child by flyblown, cannot wear again, he asks property company compensates for 300 yuan of money, but property staff did not agree all the time.

Subsequently, a controller of company of this village property says to the reporter, annual winter, they should clear the cesspool of dweller building. That cesspit is to clear stay after cesspool, the contamination such as preparation precipitates a few days to be handled with respect to bury, did not think of to produce such thing. He feels the child drops into cesspit, the parent also has the responsibility that guards not do one's best. This chief agrees Mr Xianglan to compensate for 300 yuan of money finally.

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