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Land of field of New Year head hangs out his shingle residential property suffer
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Yesterday, it is Shanghai the first day when land of the 4th management sex made over announcement to hang out one's shingle 2006, also was 2007 the first land hangs out his shingle. From development business that day hang out one's shingle in light of the circumstance, the development business favour to office business property degree is opposite taller.

" daily economy news " learn yesterday, hang out his shingle first days, rainbow mouth, south collect with Pudong 4 plot of 3 areas have development business to hang out one's shingle, it is respectively south collect an area to face harbor advocate the city zone road of Yun of one annulus water on the west side plot, south collect an area to face harbor advocate the city zone one annulus Ou Yunjuan road on the west new developed area of side plot, Pudong Tangzhen Tang Sicun 54/1 plot, . And in these 4 plot, only one of Pudong uses the ground for the residence, the others all does public land for commerce.

It is reported, plot of station of district of Tong of 10 wires overhead already had traffic of new course of rainbow mouth area at present 3 development business participates in contention, to it before of the expert inside course of study like forecasting, this one plot is one of popular plot in 4 announcement.

According to classics of area of mouth of the rainbow before this appoint the rainbow mouth that announce " 915 " business grows a program, plot of station of district of Tong of 10 wires overhead stands by orbit traffic the beach outside north, will good by benefit of program of business affairs of business of the beach outside north place is driven. What will drive its office building because of shipping center not only is rental, more the meeting because " 915 " business of stroll about or have a rest of river of edge of river of edge of the beach outside the north that program place alludes is recreational circle, and get the attention of tourist. The quotations of price of office building project that according to its periphery is making work, the price after the business of this plot does project building won't under 25000 yuan / square metre.

In the meantime, collect south face plot of the commerce inside harbor new city, office to also suffer fully fix eyes upon. Before this, already the personage inside course of study is analysed, as harbor of foreign hill deep water 2 period complete, start, the commerce of harbor of deep water of prospective foreign hill, office will increase considerably with room demand, hire price pattern to also will be valued for a long time.

And to the residence kind the delicacy of property suffers attention, the personage inside course of study thinks, as a result of " 90 smooth rice, 70% " policy, the cost that develops business will promote somewhat, add not low nowadays land price, development profit is relatively inferior, because this uses the ground to the residence, develop chamber of commerce more the project that apt buys small development business to make over or plot.
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