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Nearly 9 had been troubled by unpleasantness into owner and canal of village oth
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Investigation data shows, the village owner that the citizen that has 88.3% weighs to he lives ever had produced contradiction with content canal, among them the citizen of 41.2% expresses to still had happened for many times to contradict between village owner and content canal. In investigation, the canal of village other people that the citizen of 76% expresses to he lives to place is dissatisfactory, among them the owner of 28% states services of pair of canal of village other people are very dissatisfactory. Only the content that does not express pair of place villages to 3 become citizens is in charge of " satisfactory " or " very satisfactory " .

City property manages association controller to think, among them the contradictory marry again that great majority is an owner and development business arrived on content canal body contradictory crucial point 5 say to serve difference into the citizen " content is in charge of difference of attitude of attending to guests not to say, still had produced security personnel to beat up the incident of owner, did we spend money to be asked so a few enemy? " the service that respecting content is in charge of, owner of village of source of peach blossom of Jiang Beida level ground Mr Liu shakes his head again and again. Mr Liu introduces, since after moving a village to live 1998, constant meeting produces a few dispute between village owner and content canal, ever still had produced violent incident even.

So, where are owner and the germ with content contradictory canal? The citizen of 51% thinks " crucial point " in: Content is in charge of personnel to collect fees simply, attitude of attending to guests is poor, the service does not reach the designated position; The citizen that has 17.7% additionally thinks content canal collects fees opaque caused both contradiction; And the citizen of 16.7% thinks the village is safe is an important inducement.

The expert unscrambles: Content canal begins to develop in Chongqing from 1994, whole now town has had many 1100 content to be in charge of an enterprise. Content is in charge of whole government area to achieve 190 million square metre, dimensions is located in western the first.

And the dissatisfaction that owner is in charge of to village other people, be in charge of the reason that oneself job does not reach the designated position besides content, what still have owner understanding is vacant, what have the element that develops business and relevant legislation more is not perfect. According to statistic, what arise between owner and content canal is contradictory, great majority is owner go to as contradictory as what develop business marry again on content canal body. And company of pipe of a lot of content returns Chongqing to fail and develop business true unhook, such, other people of a lot of time was in charge of a company to become development business " scapegoat " . It is not clear that nearly half owner does service project " sweep a ground should every month hand in so much money? I am in the home anyway also thing of it doesn't matter, completely OK oneself are swept! " although pass development of more than 10 years, the concept that content is in charge of is in Chongqing already widely known, but face 100 yuan of or so presses square metre pay every months content after buying a room to be in charge of charge, a lot of citizens still cannot be accepted completely.
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