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Shenzhen individual collects money move into new home before Spring Festival of
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"The establishment of hardware form a complete set of the house is already basic and finishing, wait after doing formalities of change the name of owner in a register, all owner should be OK in new home of the ingoing before Spring Festival of the traditional Chinese calendar. " Shenzhen individual collaboration builds room initiator bristly person told our newspaper on January 11.

Do not give accident word, be located in sanded well of Shenzhen Baoan region to press down the two dormitories building of city of golden bridge industry, will become individual collaboration to build room organization to be inside countrywide limits most build the finished product room that rise first.

Every total prices after pay taxes of finished product room is 75 thousand yuan about, all valence is 1623 yuan about / square metre. And the Lou Panjun price around is 6500 yuan about / square metre.

These two buildings were last year on December 22, shenzhen individual collaboration builds a room to organize 81 copartner to be patted with six million and thirty-eight thousand four hundred yuan total prices. In all 6 84 single boarding house, every cover apartment about 46 square metre. Two buildings are entrusted compulsively to auction by the court because of owner debt problem.

Collect money in Wen Zhou build a room to be denied by the government sector, Hangzhou collects money below the setting that the collaboration that builds room and bank reachs hard tardy, shenzhen collects money build a room to whether be met twists and turns of be overflowing with, become the focus of attention.

On January 10, shenzhen land natural resources and personage of house property management board tell our newspaper, shenzhen individual collaboration builds room organization and collaboration of lukewarm city individual to build a room the organization is same, did not explain before be patted so that develop a project utility is an individual collaboration builds a room, the normative sex respect that operating so may be put in the problem.

Bristly person shows: "Because impossible that 81 copartner enter the arena entirely, enter salesroom can be our precatory delegate only. And also had explained in referred material remarks pat the house is to be used at individual collaboration to build a room. And also had explained in referred material remarks pat the house is to be used at individual collaboration to build a room..

Individual collaboration builds a room to wander in legal brim all the time. Chief of bureau of canal of house of lukewarm state town ever stated collaboration of lukewarm city individual builds a room " not be to collect money build a room, however house property development, some practices are to violate of compasses, some places are suspected of con " .

"We hope special zone government gives us more good-tempered protect with law. " bristly person shows.

Collaboration of lukewarm city individual builds room initiator Zhao Zhijiang to also say frankly, individual collaboration builds a room to accord with active a few regulations or administrative measure not completely really, but did not disobey rules of basic law plan, belong to " blame prohibit region " .
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