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Property one by one sues owner to urge hand in cost
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Barbecue house lets a dweller do not have a law to open a window

Last night 6 when, the reporter comes new China couplet home 2 downstair, saw the Korea barbecue house that Zhou Yi says. Barbecue house is rear, 67 falls from the day blowdown canals leave be soiled of full of stains or spots oil on sanded ground, there is pungent lampblack flavour in air.

"Do not have a law to open a window at ordinary times. " live an owner of this building says, "House of this Korea barbecue in the city zone some village suffers all owner boycott, change went to our village. " Zhou Yi says, lose a lawsuit this won't appeal again, but whether does unified exam Lv sue house of this Korea barbecue.

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