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Class 5A East Second Ring Road Beijing inn3 cash rental office
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Inn located in the Chaoyang Dajie Beijing, the project is an existing 100 square meters, 200 square meters, 420 square meters of three area rental, daily rent of 4.5 yuan / square meter (including management fees, air-conditioning costs), interior decoration are rough. Underground parking spaces available, parking fee is 1,000 yuan / month / person, one-time payment of parking fees can be 8 year discount. Beijing Chaoyang addressing inn door, next to the Foreign Ministry and other ministries and the East Second Ring 21 giant enterprises in China gallery, hip hotel concept to the world's 12 million square meters of well-built hotel-style clusters, covering the hip hotel-style apartments, offices, commercial three formats . Lipin internationally renowned design team project, using the classic theme for the hip design elements, through the concept of shape, color, lighting, material, mix and match the ingenious works of art, and create a living experience of the world's top fashion and business. Project Information: Business Circle: East Second Ring Central line: within the Second Ring Address: Chaoyang Dajie, Dongcheng District Rent: 4.5 yuan / square meter / day Payment: pay a charge three Developer: Beijing Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. The total live Investor: Oriental Kenzo Plaza Co., Ltd. Property Company: Property Management Co., Ltd. Beijing Dingming Traffic: Bus 112,115,109 Road, Metro Line 2