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The individual invests 8 crucial point of office building
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Estate regards global investor as the most valuable investment breed, get all the time the favour of investor. Because office building offers a quantity small, demand is big, can have higher investment return rate consequently, but the monitor that office building is macroscopical economy, it is the property that economic risk lowest fights in estate market, already was similar to the investment risk of the stock, accordingly, the investor of office building must discreet. Draw lessons from the case that investment succeeds before and fails, summary of an investment ace goes out the following 8 investment point.

One, hire when office building when going out, it can unused over, and cannot resemble the residence same, can oneself live.

2, the loan interest rate that buys office building and house are different, want interest rate of prep above residence nearly 1% . Additional, all sorts of duty that still the need such as house property duty is handed in are expended, occupy investment about 20% the left and right sides.

3, should invest first class office building, even if its price is high. Somebody may think, the price of second class office building is low, although its rent is some lower, but total investment is little still! These investor must notice a such facts, hire valence when first class office building when rising ceaselessly, of second class office building hiring valence is in what drop. What is more,the rather that, land cost of everybody is about the same, accordingly, low also on price not how many.

4, like investing the residence, also want to notice the problem that chooses to property. This year, the supply of market of Beijing office building can expand ceaselessly, average investment return rate also won't resemble tall in that way today, but the high return rate that does not eliminate individual property. Accordingly, you should have a mind which perceives both past and future ' of a pair of ' .

5, should aim at a client group will invest. If invest, should choose the smallest inside those hire a guest to also need about the office building of floor area of 500-1000 square metre (the utilization rate of general office building is 70% or so) . This makes clear, differ into the company level that is stationed in this property not quite, this property class is high, you will have relatively stable redound henceforth. Of course, this also explains you want to have very tall disbursement at the same time ability.

6, when investing those to be able to cut very small area to undertake the property that sell, you are about to be careful, although on total prices may some cheaper, but because garrison the company of property class is low, fluidity is great, plus small or petty proprietor too much, affect the property level of management of this property. Not only such, when economy is bad, of small or petty proprietor eagerly demand a low price, the contention battle that undertakes to the client can affect your accrual henceforth likewise. Beijing is not to do not have such example.
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