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The first sodden poop deck expects salty fish turns over edifice of the petrifac
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Petrifaction edifice is in much home in media publishs advertisement of carry out building, a personage of know the inside story tells a reporter, this should be medium petrifaction edifice first time publishs advertisement large-scaly on media. Right now, edifice of the petrifaction in be apart from begins a sale formally to had had 3 many months.

In petrifaction edifice, in original name sincere square, with in letter edifice stand far apart facing each other, one sincere believe adherence the Milky way, it is a scar of north of the Milky way however, the life says " the first sodden poop deck of Chinese " . Come more than 10 years, sincere square rots in the renascent way of poop deck is labyrinthian and bizarre. So, this, in sincere square whether successful " does salty fish break up unripe " ?

It is when choice of a lot of party is silent, our newspaper reporter is headed for again in sincere square one dug unexpectedly.

In petrifaction edifice, in original name sincere square, ever served as " the first sodden poop deck of Chinese " and famed at the world. In sincere square only then built 1992. After crisis of southeast Asia banking erupted 1997, because capital catenary ruptures,develop business, be forced shutdown, rot from now on end. Its are sodden of the gigantic, renascent course of the capital of wide, drag in of the face of long, drag in of end time be in mysteriously zigzag home never precedent.

Nowadays, in sincere square already more renown edifice of the petrifaction in be, in March 2008 the bottom begins to be sold external, begin renascent brigade again.

"Invite edifice of the petrifaction in north of the Milky way. "Invite edifice of the petrifaction in north of the Milky way..

"Where? Which therein petrifaction edifice? Which therein petrifaction edifice??

"That sodden poop deck. "That sodden poop deck..

"Oh, in sincere square. Knew. " a dialog that this is reporter of yesterday Japan newspaper and taxi driver Ceng Zhijiang. Be in Guangzhou, in of sincere square, sodden poop deck famous edifice of degree of the petrifaction in still exceeding far, although latter does his utmost,want to cast aside Qing Dynasty and before both the relation between.

By March, petrifaction edifice makes public a sale low-keyly in. At that time, the agent wore De Liang to reject a reporter to interview all right. And be in sale center, the reporter just makes clear the identity, the staff member that sells a center rejected to interview immediately, and firm say oneself do not know our company phone, also do not know who is chief. The staff member tells the media ministry that Dai Deliang goes the reporter: "This one topic compares sincere square in sensitive, development business had hit accost with us, cannot accept interview. Cannot accept interview..

At the beginning of July, in the action business of petrifaction edifice, hire carry out still undertaking. Yesterday, edifice of the petrifaction in coming in order to buy an identity sells our newspaper reporter center, one dug unexpectedly.
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