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High-end property is pulled move all valence
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After a week on afterwards has project of office building of two particle body to supply, a cardinal principle that exceeds all places measures office building to supply last week. 7 treasure of Min Hang board piece a center of bay of green jade forest, total floor area makes an appointment with 100000 square metre, the exalted zoology community that by 7 small high levels and business affairs Lou Yu comprises. 13 thousand when roll out this supply is office part.

Before sufferring a few Zhou Xin adds office building property to supply low confuse an influence, office building clinchs a deal to glide further last week, shanghai office building clinchs a deal last week the area has nearly 7 only 1000, a week on annulus comparing decreased nearly 33% , clinch a deal 63. Office building property clinchs a deal last week before the quantity 3 building dish edifice of Jin Qiao international and Jin Bo still taste the Yu Zhou of the Hai Yi edifice that is Huang Pu respectively, Pudong center.

Office building clinchs a deal last week all valence is 22 thousand yuan / square metre, a week on annulus comparing rose nearly 43.8% . As a result of,this is of property of urban office building active, make what office building of urban high price occupies specific gravity to lift, drive whole town office building to clinch a deal thereby all of valence considerably violent wind rises.

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