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Nanjing office building invests value to be highlighted gradually
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Estate market in last few years popular " hang " phenomenon -- office building has not sold the residence. Although be in inch of earth a sector of an area of new market opening of very little gold, the sale outstanding achievement of office building also surmounts the residential product that is the same as area hard. However, this kind abnormal " hang a phenomenon " appeared to transform eventually last year, market of Nanjing office building begins labor force to wait for hair. Inside reason of this kind of change how, reporter recently special interview the Hu Chengfu of sale chief inspector of orgnaization of inscriptions on bones or tortoise shells of the Shang Dynasty of company of sale of center of Nanjing international trade.

"Times of the people's livelihood " investment grade is in He Fang

Year only the Hu Chengfu of head of 30 annual expenditure is leaving bingle, disposition is forthright, the eyes has a god unusually. He what had been engaged in research of orgnaization of much home house property, careful to market analysis accurate, often reveal in speech spell able and biting.

"While bank interest rate does not run to cross fund of CPI, stock market to keep on retreating, people discovers the money on the hand slowly also more and more not costly. At this moment, a lot of people are caring problem of a core -- how does ability protect asset not to devalue. " Hu Chengfu thinks, people can get lost long-term investment gradually, transfer the look again thereby those who secure is praedial above come. Notable is, be in 2002 to 2006 this paragraph of time, chinese estate market grows at full speed, proliferous also the part fries bug of the home, room. Firm of one part person earned brushstroke, brought not stable element to estate market however however. Hu Chengfu expresses, the adjusting control as the country and " times of the people's livelihood " arrival, all sorts of policy impacts of taxation and loan brought high pressure to the market. So, is the market investment grade henceforth in He Fang?

Sluggish highlights good luck and value in aftereffect

What is the product of investment conduct financial transactions that provides value most? Hu Zong cited a paragraph of character: "Alleged good investment project, should make annual interest leads redound stability to be in 8 % above, 10 - 15 years adduction answers cost, ability is worth long-term investment. " Nanjing office building has a so special fixed position: Be in Nanjing, all along not lukewarm not igneous office building last year labor force and hair, all the way violent wind rises. Be what moved office building this " cheese " ?

Hu Zong was taken out a series of data, studying Nanjing is circumjacent carefully especially the city of office building building of Shanghai discovers not hard, inside two years of recent, year of hire redound of Shanghai office building in 8 % - 12 % , at the same time case still is in valence to be climbed ceaselessly as prices litre, it is mature inside course of study to think the office building market of Shanghai has entered generally system. Nanjing suffers Shanghai fluctuant impact is bigger, also exist at the same time one " lag sex " . Had matured when Shanghai system when, nanjing is transforming to this direction. With long last year hair CFC and greenbelt square project are a delegate, can see, of market of integral office building anabiosis strip will transform tremendously. "This course is possible strong and weak points is diverse, but general trend won't be changed for certain. But general trend won't be changed for certain..
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