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October sales office in Shenzhen area of the primary or 46% of the supply chain
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Office so the fire, but no more than six months, Shenzhen has been the primary office market sales. Southern reporter from the Central Plains, Midland and other intermediaries to get data, October sales of 60,296 square meters office space in Shenzhen hand, a decrease of 46 .4%, While the average transaction price of 35,253 yuan / square meter, up by 19.42%. Industry sources said the office may continue to decline in turnover of the area because of too little supply, prices will continue to maintain year upward trend. Baoan up in January 3000 the average price of a office building September, the Shenzhen office area of over 110,000 square meters transaction, creating a high degree of office transactions, when the Central Plains real estate office later released a report on the said transaction will fall, mainly because new Supply has not kept up, less and less office space available for sale. If October is still showing the Han Jing international transactions, the actual sale has been completed, in October just signed it, and there is the same as the Han Beijing International Building, the Central West Valley And Yaohua create buildings, these properties have been sold out. Over time, they will be traded in the primary office on the list disappear. Because the impact of the purchase of orders, significant increase in the heat of office, and supply reduction, the impact of supply and demand is that prices are rising every month. Southern reporter found that last month, most of the turnover of the Shenzhen office ring Than has up 500-3000 yuan / square meter, 10-month rise was most of the million Chun Bao Trade Building, the current transaction price has reached 32,000 yuan / square meter, even more than the Grade A office space located in the Han Jing Shan International. Midland Realty, said Hsu Feng, director of the National Research Center, and now office hit, the more pressed real estate developers will not move, historical experience shows that the final sales price is always the highest, so the next time, if the new Increase the supply did not catch up, office prices will continue to rise. 2 months before the end of the project are expected to enter the market Since this year, the Beijing-based, have announced the development of excellence in Beijing-based financial center and a center of excellence century, Building 1, when the rent not buy, click on the new supply out of space when, already more than six months, no new Shenzhen New office space entering the market. Department of the Central Plains real estate market data shows that only a maximum of 2 before the end of the project to enter the market, namely the investment industry, International Business Center, an international business center and vibration. Information, investment and international business center in the building area of over 61,000 square meters, located in the Honey Lake area, points A, B Block, the overall project will be built according to standards for Grade A office space. Southern reporter saw it has been capped. Central Plains Zhou Qingliang real estate market research manager, said the project is expected to enter the market in November, but to sell or rent, is less clear. Another office is Zhenye International Business Center, located in the western starting point of Shennan Road, with a total floor area of 101,644.97 square meters, the standard floor area of 1500-1600 square meters, office building some 23 floors of office space 38,000 square meters. At present its facade has been out of real estate-related vibration industry official said, is to get pre-sale permit, should be able to enter the market before the end of the year. Zhou Qingliang said that even if there are two items into the market, the latter also can not keep up supply, the purchase of the order, the office is currently the situation will continue to maintain strong sales.