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Commercial Office Building Zhongguancun the whole name of the city of transpar
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Commercial buildings were located in the Zhongguancun district, convenient transportation, building a total construction area of about 22,000 square meters, divided into twelve ground floor, underground layers. Facade with a large plate full of hidden frame framework and the whole split, split point of the glass curtain wall style, with South Korea H green tinted insulating glass, can improve the indoor air-conditioning efficiency, reduce energy consumption and increase the permeability of the office. Effective absorption to prevent light reflection, with environmental characteristics, high safety factor. Fitted with curtains inside the building, free to choose whether wholly transparent and the outside world in the eye. Commercial buildings were easy to open for business support and office space to create a business office of the "model." Commercial buildings were located in the northwest ring, with a total construction area of 22,000 square meters, the floor 12 floors, 3 basements; 30% of green coverage, the overall utilization rate of 74% of the total building height of 50 meters. Building on the Third, Fourth and excellent accessibility properties to enable enterprises to office travel more convenient and faster. Western Hills Vision, Summer Palace, Kunming Lake and other ecological environment and cultural atmosphere of the famous universities gathered to make commercial buildings were very attractive.