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Business of Shanghai of Beijing of sweep anything away of idle fund of billions
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The capital of proprietor of an enterprise that a few the sources of energy save greatly begins circumfluence building city.

Recently, the business that near 5 billion yuan of capital that come from the proprietor of an enterprise of the sources of energy such as Shanxi colliery, Inner Mongolia colliery and Heibei iron ore center investment to be located in 3 lis of collect of Beijing uses property SOHO of 3 lis of collect; Wen Zhou fried room group to undertake the whole thing building of Shanghai Shang Hai bay dish two property, in all 183 flatlet source, total prices exceeds 920 million yuan.

In interviewing, most " mine boss " landed to this investment is very low-key, do not be willing to respond to investment account directly. An estate personage that is close to proprietor of an enterprise of the sources of energy expresses to newspaper of Shanghai negotiable securities, at present alleged house price drops be not idle fund to enter city main reason, beijing Shanghai business uses property rare be short of gender and deficient of other investment field to may guide capital of proprietor of an enterprise of more the sources of energy to enter building city in future.

Shi Ge of SOHO China president Pan tells a reporter, at present business slips with property sell like hot cakes and house price have nothing to do. "Residential market still exists depreciate risk, austere degree does not decrease catenary of development business capital. Austere degree does not decrease catenary of development business capital..

Under photograph comparing, beijing Shanghai downtown business has with value of property and investment property litre without fall. As we have learned, the office building of SOHO of 3 lis of collect and business shop price still have before open quotation small on tone, all valence exceeds 50 thousand yuan. Shanghai is still thalassic 32 thousand / of square metre clinch a deal valence more prep above periphery is the same as archives property, and at present still thalassic sale price has risen to 40 thousand / square metre left and right sides.

"Although at present price of investment of Beijing Shanghai downtown property still is rising, but be affected by general trends, go up at present also belong to dish whole period the price. Once building city whole anabiosises, this kind of property may be most the building city domain that is pulled to rise first. " business of development of estate of a Beijing thinks, "Additional, olympic Games concept will be compared to influence of Beijing building city far-reaching. Be in at present build a project to make stop entirely, the laborer withdraws, this kind of situation will last to incomplete after abstruse meeting, supply deficiency will accumulate the building city 2008 numerous and rigid demand. Add the business inside annulus to be supplied with property this finite, these aggravate investor copies ground floor city. These aggravate investor copies ground floor city..

As we have learned, up to now, open quotation counts a day only, beijing estate trades the autograph of SOHO of 3 lis of collect that the website shows makes an appointment with amount to had been as high as 4.73 billion yuan. Among them source of 50% above room is come from Shanxi, inside more than 10 of unconscious, Heibei " mine boss " undertake the whole thing. The largest odd pen investment exceeds 400 million yuan.
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