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Innovation of hire of Pu Xi office building is tall
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Shanghai building city, somebody is in exit, somebody is in enter. A few days ago, group of black rock of tycoon of fund of American illicit collect (BlackstoneGroup) be in its China a sheet of inland buy trade fall in Shanghai.

On June 15, outstanding finance (00727, HK) release announcement to say, company the net cost with 625.5 million yuan, sell square of Shanghai macrobian commerce 90% rights and interests. Buy the home to be " the company that the home buys sale share and holds water, and by Blackstone couplet belongs to a personage to be controlled secondhand " .

Macrobian commerce square is located in area of Shanghai general Tuo, property project is 6 tall mart, total floor area is forty-one thousand and ninety square metre about. After buying this property project 2007, outstanding banking group undertook comprehensive face-lifting, all face-lifting project anticipates this year in August complete. Current, property project is empty buy.

15 days of announcement weigh outstanding finance, earning money net specified number will make prospective property by the group relevant investment use. The group is divided outside buy or will buying 28 hotels property beforehand, the group is not had at present other buy conclude any other agreements.

A personage of know the inside story expresses, begin from last year, hei Shi has had arrange with with outstanding finance. Hei Shi is famous whole world additional kind of asset management person, have driving financial natural resources, major investment is had in belonging to a company to hold some property to combine secondhand through couplet.

According to international 5 big one of intermediate quantity couplet goes market reviewing reports first quarter, 2008 head quarter, demand of Shanghai estate market is exuberant, be in especially office building market. Although Pudong already was entered large-scale add newly supply period, but hire of office building of Pu Xi, Pudong all appears first quarter this year rise. The evaluation says Buddhist nun of Gudong of president of Shanghai of travel of intermediate quantity couplet: "Of space of Pu Xi office in short supply already made hire level achieved the history new tall. "Of space of Pu Xi office in short supply already made hire level achieved the history new tall..

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