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Taiyuan property under the New Deal ushered in a new round will just be hot o
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Recently the state has adopted a number of strong macro-control policies, such as restriction, limited credit, raised interest rates ... ... the New Deal, or frequent buyers of a large number of home plans, although some policies are not for the real estate industry , provinces and municipalities under the New Deal will give us what the property market changes? To this end, I visited a number of developers and real estate, the provincial capital under the New Deal for you to explore some of the changes arising from the property market. The author notes that the real estate market from Taiyuan, the overall situation, the public purchase of the second heat after control has been gradually cooling, but the rigid requirements and improve the type of demand is still slow release, the overall property market become more rational, but the rigid requirements of Taiyuan field buyers abound, so people still choose Dragon shot time buyers. Hot item Brand Despite the grim national macro-control, but under the New Deal Taiyuan, the phenomenon of selling the property market, authorities pointed out, no matter good or bad market environment, the total number of products will be hot, careful analysis of the hot items, is to adhere to the common cost-effective, adhere to the build quality real estate. Industry sources, the state introduced the New Deal the property market should be a direct result, many buyers had to buy a house you want to wait and see attitude, but because buyers Taiyuan rigid demand a lot of ground there, so people will still choose Dragon shot time purchase. Mr. Lee engaged in real estate for many years told the author that the so-called cost-effective quality real estate, not simply hit the price advantage, but rather the environment, supporting a variety of hardware and soft services, consistent with the quality and price, and even is the value beyond the price when there is demand for housing purchase consumers will naturally shot. Verbal reference to the public more Hengda Oasis, which has a great brand with excellent appreciation of the prospects at the same time, and adhere to the "garden of existing homes + real + standard fine decoration" for sale model, cost-effective natural to win public favor. Stabilization of the provincial capital market outlook Since entering October with the purchase of parts of the New Deal regulation were introduced, some buyers expect the property market sentiment increased, however, in some high-cost high quality Taipan and popular dish in the lead, Taiyuan Loushi remains stable. Some experts have analyzed the development of Taiyuan, the real estate market are second and third tier cities in the level of the industry, changes in supply and demand is different from the first-tier cities such as Beijing and Shanghai broad and deep, home-based and rigid housing consumption demand is mainstream, the urgency of the housing demand stimulation, as long as the price of real estate to match with their expectations, many buyers will still purchase the decisive shot. For housing consumption, the provincial capital is still lower than the current level of per capita housing is lower than for individual first-tier cities and even second-tier cities, ranking the middle, and with the deepening of this round of macro control, due to marriage, children go to school and other reasons, their own homes purchase type of demand are difficult to delay the timing of the release, due to changes in the workplace, at home, the increase in population, income, savings negative interest rates, expectations of increasing the value of their property and other reasons, to improve the type of housing demand is also more urgent. In short, at least before the end of the housing demand in a number of factors working together, may also maintain a relatively stable development momentum. Quality of home buyers just need to Statistics show that for every 100 square meters of fine decorated rooms than the rough housing can be reduced about two tons of construction waste. Therefore, the fine decorated rooms, also known as the real estate industry, "the most practical low-carbon." I visited was informed that other cities in the presence of large developers, Taiyuan, and local real estate companies, the vast majority of sales model with refined decoration. To Hengda Real Estate, for example, from "Full House brand, 9A hardcover" slogan in the quality of the decoration will be aware of the degree of luxury. As we all know, fine decorated rooms can save a lot of time for the owners to reduce the waste of energy and financial resources, and because the developers focus on procurement, you can choose the most cost-effective high-quality materials. Meanwhile, the fine decoration is also the developer display products to the buyers advantage, project location, financial strength and resource allocation capabilities. Of popular small and medium size Taiyuan, the property market nowadays, for such high-end luxury goods houses and villas, most buyers still less interested. In contrast, medium and high cost performance is very hot, home buyers because of its low price a month for less, high return, low risk and other characteristics eagerly sought after. At the same time, both the down payment or late payment, the small and medium size are more likely to be accepted, therefore, small and medium size class and the increasingly been marrying young family for the first time home buyers of all ages, but also makes the units more and more scarce. At the same time, buyers in the selection of homes, living in comfort, privacy and other individual needs, the requirement has improved. Housing developers meet the development trend of fine decoration at the same time, the city must meet the white-collar lifestyle and the pursuit of a happy home. The author notes that many young home buyers oasis Hengda mentioned, was unanimously considered to be a model for cost-effective quality housing. Its located in has a "City in Pudong," said the shop core region, not only their own environment, complete facilities, the surrounding shopping, health and education facilities is also quite perfect, since the opening has been sustained by the Dragon oasis Hengda public earnest attention. It is based on the market for medium and heavy demand, to meet the market has become the primary task of the developer to improve performance. Therefore, the sales area of the property market continued to lead the country Hengda Real Estate, are described as representatives comply with rigid requirements. Taiyuan, the public generally, self-fitting time-consuming, direct purchase of fine decorated rooms can save the trouble, and often cost-effective. As long as reasonable prices, which buyers do have great appeal.