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Shanghai of 50 strong ranks does not rise world finance center to fall instead d
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Forum of finance of land home mouth falls next heavy curtain before long, global eyeball again focusing Shanghai. The current situation that center of Shanghai international banking builds after all how? From (index of global banking center, roll out by firm of London finance city, abbreviation GFCI) since rolling out, basic with spring, Qiu Yinian two frequency releases financial center to the whole world newest rank, up to now, GFCI already went out 3 period, because the visit of terminally replies to lead and participate in pricer second climb ceaselessly litre, the dependability that evaluates consequently increases ceaselessly (watch 1) .

Pass one year when, does center of Shanghai international banking build a process how? We might as well contrast index is fine careful research. What the watch shows 2 times is ranks of 50 strong banking center. The circumstance from inside the watch looks, regard the finance of global class as the center, its position hard shake, london, new York is; Regard mature finance as the center, its position also shakes hard, be in besides Sydney and Tokyo in the financial center of before the rank 10 the 9th with of the 10th locally outside crossing-over, be in changeless condition basically; And regard burgeoning finance as the center, the drift sex feature of its position is relatively apparent, shanghai, enlighten do obeisance to, Bombay, head Er, Hui Ling pauses etc is very good example.

Be in global banking center 50 strong in, with the statistic a year ago (GFCI1) photograph comparing, this year (GFCI3) data shows 23 centers rank drops, 8 centers rank rises, 11 centers position did not change, additional 8 centers serve as new entrant selected.

Shanghai since GFCI1, fluctuant bigger, it is first defeat falls in GFCI2 49 base point, the rank drops to 30, 27 base point rise in GFCI3 again after, but the rank does not rise to fall instead reach 31, the immature He Gaomin that this mirrorred burgeoning banking center adequately is perceptual.

The fundamental conclusion of GFCI3 is:

1 . Of the United States second borrow the crisis, disturbance of Nuo Sen Luoke bank and a few otherer national finance is flabby, direct or indirect ground is affecting the development of financial center. Suffer its embroil, each banking center will strengthen finance to superintend.

2. London, new York remains the center of top class banking with unique whole world. Although the base point difference between London and new York drops somewhat, but the position of London old did not change.

3. High oil price and government promoted to build the high investment of financial center enlighten do obeisance to, the competition ability of Qatar banking center, they already became the center of banking of middle east international of be worthy of the name, their position continuity climbs litre of key to depend on the improvement of respect of 5 core index, especially financial infrastructure.

4. Shanghai, enlighten do obeisance to what will continue to get people to chase after hold in both hands, public opinion thinks consistently: In future 2 - in 3 years, the importance of these two centers grows day and day. Two afore-mentioned centers, adscititious Singapore will become a kind of fundamental strength, form pattern of center of 21 centuries banking jointly.
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