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Su Ning is round-the-world the group is friendly exit " monovalent king "
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About Su Ning round-the-world respect is exited " king of Shanghai monovalent ground " the view that the hearsay got coming from party today.

Su Ning is round-the-world release announcement to clarify now say, afore-mentioned land are Su Ning of Jiangsu of company large stockholder Su Ning estate of Nanjing of company of subordinate of round-the-world group limited company develops limited company, hang means contest to get at was being patted through enrolling on August 24, 2007 and pay money of land sell one's own things taking land according to it, limited company of development of Nanjing Su Ning estate and Su Ning are round-the-world concern without property right.

Additional, retreat ground item to the hearsay, via seeking advice from Su Ning round-the-world group is informed, to support Shanghai jointly major project subway is built, limited company of development of Nanjing Su Ning estate and real estate department of yellow riverside division classics is friendly talk things over to had signed an agreement, remove contract of raw land sell one's own things, return sum money of prepaid land sell one's own things.

In August 2007, the Nanjing Su Ning estate that round-the-world group division issues Su Ning develops limited company, with " a dark horse " business of development of additionally 9 foreign capital obtains attitude conquer Nanjing east road of 163 plot, total price is as high as 4.404 billion yuan, its floor price is 66930 yuan / square metre, those who become inland " monovalent king " . The estimation inside course of study, if add construction to plan to wait for charge, project cost price is in 80 thousand yuan / square metre above. And before 2 months, round-the-world group is in charge of Su Ning high to still express publicly on forum of rich a huge legendary turtle, this project will make headquarters.

It is reported, around the problem that hands in the ground on time, su Ning estate and Shanghai had had bargaining about the branch. Su Ning estate calls already paid land the paragraph, but the Nanjing that should have sex at was being finished on April 16 this year originally east road because involve the reason such as orbit traffic construction to cannot have sex smoothly,163 plot appear. Su Ning estate discloses before this, because there is Shanghai orbit traffic below plot 10 lines site, the construction of the property on the subway often can suffer an influence and lay aside, company general loss is accordingly huge.

Personage of a few markets thinks, below building city's at present stagnant circumstance, develop this " monovalent king " apparent not be to one's profit. Su Ning estate with " friendly talk things over " means exits this one plot, can yet be regarded as decreases negative tweak one kind.
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