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New city of spic Pearl River on the west 100 upstairs build swim pool
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Layer of freeboard of new city home builds two days of Pearl River that build partly -- center of Guangzhou international banking (the following abbreviation on the west tower) , already exceeded 5 stars with some at present luxurious hotel management just decides the hotel designs plan, luxurious swimming-pool is set in 99~100 layer, will become the whole nation's top swimming-pool.

Understanding arrives, on Xidade 103, underground 4. Among them, on the ground 69 buildings are office building below, 69 buildings above is exceed 5 stars luxurious hotel; Underground in all 4, have the subterranean parking lot with Pearl River new the biggest city, in all 1700 many cars. At present more beautiful city building has exceeded 5 stars with some luxurious hotel management just decided the hotel designs plan, 71~72 layer is meal, 74~97 layer is guest room, 98 are administrative wine corridor, 99~100 layer is sightseeing layer, recreational center, set the whole nation's top swimming-pool. In the meantime, hotel guest room was broken through at present the convention of the 40 much square metre between a standard, arrive greatly however 59~70 square metre.

As we have learned, had had at present collect the financial orgnaization such as abundant, Hua Qi to express to will be entered halt on the west tower.

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