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Empty buy leads Tokyo downtown office building to rise continuously
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According to " Japanese economy news " report, the report that issue of 3 ghost trade announced orgnaization of intermediary of Japanese large office building a few days ago shows, the 5 areas office building of Tokyo downtown is empty buy rate is successive 5 months rise, and present rental gold jump over expensive empty buy to lead taller characteristic.

The report says, enter since 2008, the demand growth that Tokyo downtown does public house is exhausted weak. Buy rate achieved the sky of office building room of the area of 1000 acting cropland that is located in Tokyo downtown, area central, port area, new old division and acerbity cereal division when the bottom this year in June 3. 49 % , than May the bottom rose 0. 2 percent, successive 5 months rise.

By June when, of intermediary let on average the price is every about 3. 3 square metre 2. 28.68 million yen (10 thousand yen adds up to a RMB about 639 yuan) , rose than last month 42 yen, go up for 0. 18 % . Let although the price is successive already 35 months rise, but go up tending drop.

Report, because the outstanding achievement perspective of the enterprise is not clear, when waiting for an element, the position that leases the enterprise of the building is considering office building, price becomes more and more scrupulous, time of the bargaining of they and intermediary, negotiation also becomes than before longer.

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