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3 annulus open north dozen of headquarters card is high-grade office building is
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A few days ago, center of boreal annulus international combines relevant market research orgnaization, organized " questionnaire of optional location of large company office is investigated " activity, questionnaire of 10 days investigates by a definite date to receive 148 effective questionnaire in all. Investigation statistic shows, large company has the enterprise of innovation ability and monopoly dominant position especially, atmosphere of convenience to traffic on optional location of buy course of study, business affairs is grumous and a sector of an area that has promotion figure is valued particularly. In financial market, CBD, thing the traditional business such as 2 annulus encircles the circumstance of saturation of office property incline to, their look began to aim at north the burgeoning business such as 4 annulus encircles 3 annulus, north.
With among them the Ma Dian with the fiercest impetus - trade group is De Shengxin exemple, this trade group faces ZhongGuanCun high-tech on the west garden area, north Yiyaao street of trade group, Na Linjin be in harmony, east group of trade of the door that receive a country, regard north as 3 annulus, north the node of principal liaison man that 2 annulus join a few big traditional business are encircled, pass high speed of prosperous of complete link line, fast jumper, subway, Beijing to wait in recent years, the traffic network of extend in all directions was formed in this area. As we have learned, ma Dian - the business affairs real estate that De Shengxin business encircles develops nearly 3 years of ability gradually make good, area land value is climbed successively litre, the investment that becomes numerous development company and businessman heats up earth.
Gather together with company of financial market banking, CBD transnational corporation gathers together, ZhongGuanCun is medium or small poineering company gathers different, ma Dian - the distinctive configuration that the industry structure that De Shengxin business encircles and client natural resources have itself, namely with the sources of energy (petrifaction, electric power, coal) , education of war industry, science and technology, culture, movie and TV is issued, commerce, other place is stationed in capital company, service industry to give priority to, among them war industry, medium electric power of petrifaction, China north, 7 provinces are stationed in the numerous control such as Beijing agency the department of governmental natural resources is distributed inside area, drive and attracted the relevant enterprise with numerous amount to draw close to this area.
The personage inside course of study thinks, at present Ma Dian - the center of boreal annulus international that the business affairs admiral that De Shengxin business encircles should belong to standard of initiate buy industry to fall. This project is comprised by two 99.9 meters tall office building and skirt building, total floor area makes an appointment with 130 thousand square metre, cent is on the ground 24 layer, underground 4, among them area of commercial form a complete set 20 thousand square metre, it is building of typical Gemini business affairs, also be north one of office building structures with 3 annulus top area.
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