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Office building of tall apartment of doorsill low redound lasts hot
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Carry out: Go against city to wave red

In lasted the weak city of 8 many months is wait-and-see period in, apartment type office building is an exception however. Edifice of jump over of the times YOU apartment from recently, ferry bank, to 10 thousand divisions new field, arrive again apartment waits Buddhist nun of Shi Dan of rich force of the beginning of the year a moment, sell perfectly, solemning is " 10 thousand green Congzhong is red " . Place produces Zhu Hui of business inspector general of office building department to think in, presence of apartment type office building is very large supply breach, this makes its invest value to need not suffer the concussion of weak city. Wen Zhijian of indifferent and landed trustee, general manager thinks, the threshold is low, high redound is apartment type office building in weak city still hot prime cause.
Not long ago, be located in annulus city east the open quotation of times You apartment of the road, 196 units that roll out, the first day sells give 121. And the ferry that nothing is more... than of most popular recently office building property is located in Pearl River new city bank jump over edifice, this edifice on May 29 put on sale, a cycle of songs in a traditional opera clinchs a deal to exceed 90 between two weeks of a long time. And Buddhist nun of Shi Dan of the new field of 10 thousand divisions that sell, rich force leaves in year apartment now already goods of next to nothing. Changwang of digestive of this kind of property makes a person amazed, it seems that weak city is pounded to its and not quite big.
The controller of times real estate thinks, the price still is main reason. For instance YOU apartment, all valence is 15000, 18000 yuan / square metre (contain value 2000 yuan / of square metre decorate) , plus 9 fold × 9.9 fold the privilege of floor price derate plus 8000 yuan, the price of the lowest after folding is in 13000 yuan / square metre left and right sides.
Wen Zhijian also agrees with this viewpoint, he thinks, sell like hot cakes of this kind of property, because its price is not high,be. This ability is the most crucial factor. "Old now office building is sold not beautiful, having a bit is exorbitant to the capital requirement of investor, but the capital catenary of a lot of companies has pressure now, take out so much money impossibly to buy large office building at a draught, can stop only, this stopped to bring about the sale backwater of expensive price office building. It is these doorsills are low instead so, the office building with capital little investment will be more welcome. It is these doorsills are low instead so, the office building with capital little investment will be more welcome..
Generally speaking, what apartment type office building uses is fission air conditioning adjustable perhaps accuse the air conditioning central. Air conditioning charge of electricity, air conditioning safeguards cost, equally shared water charge of electricity is lower. And apartment type office building is general administration fee is not tall also. Be like the Pearl River new city that edifice of ferry bank jump over is in, content canal expends office building of circumjacent first class to be as high as 339 yuan mostly / square metre / month, but this dishes property administration fee wants 12 yuan only / square metre / lunar left and right sides, than periphery office building of class of a few second still can save a few money. The property administration fee of new field of 10 thousand divisions and residential administration fee are similar, about 2.8 yuan / square metre / month, it is the 1/3 that circumjacent other pure business uses property only.
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