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Specific power consumption of air conditioning of office building of Beijing Sha
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In July, heat wave raids a person. In a such fervent season, air conditioning was become alleviate of heat wave for Leng Weishi, but its bad news also can make a person meet the eye. Tsinghua university ever was opposite the many cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Shenyang 80 buildings dish undertake specific power consumption checks, discover through transverse contrast air conditioning specific power consumption is breathtaking, occupy large fair the 40%~60% that builds total specific power consumption.
Below the big environment that advocates energy-saving environmental protection in breathtaking specific power consumption and country, the market been transforminging. As large fair build one of office building, it is an energy-saving, environmental protection, health, green fulfilled real operation from catchword more. As we have learned, office building of a few large first class is in two ground of Beijing Shanghai respect of air conditioning specific power consumption had made example, choose the energy-saving product of enterprise of famous air conditioning, or undertake energy-saving technical reformation to system of original air conditioning.
Country trade 3 period: Of refrigeration system can effect course

Effect of energy-saving environmental protection: Use harbour to put air conditioning on the ice only a measure that move carry on one's shoulder, annual and managing moving charge of electricity is close 1 million yuan; And 3 class compress choice spy spirit aircrew of centrifugal type cold water, as more energy-saving than its as same product photograph should raise 10%~15% . A night at the beginning of July, center of Beijing international trade 3 period undertook trying lamp activity, smooth shadow of flow makes whole CBD unripe brightness.
Regard Beijing as the first high-rise, country trade 3 period the painstaking effort that condensed organizer of development business, stylist, construction and wisdom, also reflected the character that they expect and value on the choice that design, construction and ministry taste.
"Beijing nation trade 3 period advocate tower is changed in intelligence, it is more advanced on the application of technology and the product such as in order to of benefit of the sources of energy and air conditioning, can develop continuously to architectural very valuable also. " participate in center of trade of construction Beijing nation 3 period Zhu Ruijun expresses the project department assistant inspector general of the project. Country trade 3 period the value that refrigeration system reflected this kind of advanced sex: Environmental protection, energy-saving with green.
Country trade 3 period refrigeration system used the means that aircrew of cold water of especially clever air conditioning cooperates glacial harbour cold technology. Look in Zhu Ruijun, put what harbour cold technology realized electric power on the ice to move the peak fills expense of Guhe the sources of energy. And outstanding cold water aircrew makes the effect of refrigeration system develops acme.
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