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Office building of Guangzhou of the change outside manufacturing industry fears
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City of Guangzhou of center of Chinese manufacturing industry is holding an Asia Game for preparation and go in for sth in a large scale building, in the near future the lieutenant general can have ground of a lot of new building Yu Ba and case, but because make an enterprise in succession outside change, the outlet of future of these new building space still is a problem.
" wall street daily " report, be in the place of the Yao that is apart from current Olympic Games to sponsor 1500 kilometers of urban Beijing, ─ of Asia Game ─ was doing the hour ─ ─ that Guangzhou of manufacturing industry center is becoming sports central issue for oneself to prepare 2010. The plan has the skyscraper that exceeds modernization, new sports place mediumly, still have tall the 610 television relay of rice and sightseeing tower, nearly double this height is iron tower of dust humble Er.
Chicago builds company Skidmore Owings MerrillLLP. (The copartner of SOM) Thoms Colvin (Thomas Kerwin) says, as Beijing, everybody do one's best is behaved somewhat before the Asia Game; Apparent, all companies want to show best one side.
SOM designed a few new structures, add the celestial contour line that is Guangzhou element of exclamatory of a few your people, include to building medium Pearl River edifice among them. This edifice in all 71, will Guangdong of nicotian head office of state-owned company China saves branch etc the headquarters of a few companies is entered halt. Pearl River edifice on 2010 finishing, its oneself place needs the sources of energy to come from much wind- driven dynamo and solar battery.
A few otherer the famous design firm that garrisons Guangzhou has: Headquarters designed a new theater in the ZahaHadid Architects of London, in be being built now, the Information Based Architecture of the Amsterdam was designed above mentioned television relay and sightseeing tower, there still can be shop, garden and cafes inside.
Nevertheless, the persistent economy that changes extend and construction upsurge to did not let Guangzhou and commercial estate market avoid the concussion that suffers global economy slow down, the manufacturing industry that the Guangdong that is located in Hua Na saves already because of global economy slowdown deep-set predicament. Study company GlobalInsightInc according to be located in the economy of Wo Erse Mu of city of Ma Sazhu a place of strategic importance. Forecast, the GDP amplitude that Guangdong saves predicts to go to the 14.5% fall after a rise from last year 10% the left and right sides.
Guangzhou city has 8.8 million population about, be apart from Hong Kong to make an appointment with 150 kilometers, commodity demand depression and labor cost are rising the competition ability that weakened Guangzhou. The president ToddLee of area of GlobalInsight big China says, this year, a lot of production manufacturers shut factory, change to go to China counteract the area with the inferior cost such as Vietnam.
Unplug in more new structures the ground and case when, afore-mentioned circumstances cause the office space demand of production enterprise to drop however, and production enterprise is very important tenement group. Study company PropertyPortfolioResearchInc according to be located in Bostonian estate. (The data of PPR) , in the near future, guangzhou will build 11 skyscraper, include to be located in a few buildings of the new city of burgeoning area Pearl River besides old shopping centre among them.
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