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Capital floor city is gone against situation wave capital of steam again of red
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Go against under situation, partial office building develops business to begin to consider change strategy.
Develop business Beijing constant to promote limited company of buy property estate to sell chief inspector Wang Qi to divulge into international office building greatly, the photograph is more high grade than hold office building, company more apt sale.
Although regard hold property as to ever was considered as the mainstream trend henceforth for a time office building, stem from cash to shed angle consideration however, medicinal powder carry out becomes a kind of outlet.

Hold still sells

Assist embark on a journey president Wang Xiaohang thinks, developing business hold to manage sexual property will be a long-term trend. "The urban property condition that reviews a developed country discovers, actually commercial property is the most valuable. For instance Hong Kong, all those rich they have more property is not the residence, manage model property is their company's very important one part. Inland also has this trend, for instance country trade center, also experienced from complete sale model to the partial sale process that arrives to hold handsome development completely again. Also experienced from complete sale model to the partial sale process that arrives to hold handsome development completely again..
Bao Jun of Yin of president of branch of Beijing of be an official of manage of world nation the Kingdom of Wei also conveyed similar view, he thinks to develop business to develop certain level to be able to encounter bottleneck, need hold a few property that have stable hire income, especially a few appear on the market company. He predicts the market to go up to will more will use rented property henceforth.
Controller of sea square project also tells our newspaper the reporter in, sea square will be given priority to with hold in, and do not sell.
Although be hasten of general trends place, but still a few develop business to choose to sell hold property. Does the reason where? Wang Qi discloses, from last year second half of the year begins, the company begins a plan to do strategic transition, work off of part of hope general office building. "Do not put in the pressure of capital to the company, should saying capital is in short supply is this year every enterprise wants to face, fall in this kind of circumstance or hope can fast circumfluence capital, strive for take the advantage of the market low new lot is taken again when confusing. " Wang Qi says. The reason with main another is, to building complex body, hold business is spread and developing business to be willing more is not office building part. Wang Qi thinks, when the market is good the choice sells property obtains greater value, hold choosing when the market is bad is sounder strategy.
And of Soho China total assets nearly 70% come from at selling a part, the fast capital turnover rate that wins from this also becomes Pan Shige of Soho China president a bit very proud.
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