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Beijing well-known company escapes gradually CBD core area
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More " low " jump over high end

Small company moves taller more, big company moves lower more. Escape when a large number of well-known companies Cbd core area, move to be close to a suburb however in the low office building with shady greenery, a kind of brand-new office configuration -- business affairs garden is in Beijing brim of the city zone is arisen, overturning the city works " jump over high end higher " traditional value standard.
Maintain certain distance with Cbd core area, ability assures the dinkum sex of business affairs garden. Also be in only such land natural resources are opposite the department of urban and rural union of have more than needed, the garden office environment that just can build a low density, tall afforest lead. In fact, more and more the road network traffic that develop, shortening on time physical distance, the development of IT also is reducing what office nods rightly to depend on degree. Although a bit more out-of-the-way, little however that one blatant with crowded approach, those who change is broader with freer office space.

Custom-built change office

Transnational corporation needs the office system of large area to build area headquarters, the working environment that software company needs comfortable green alleviates the working high pressure of programmer, the enterprise that enters autumn needs alone office building reveals actual strength. As our country the first batch of private enterprises enter autumn and many transnational corporation swarm into, more and more enterprises had been not satisfied at to office environment " accommodate " 2 words. Wider area, more green environment, more active space, more independent image, the look of the enterprise changes a kind of new product to configuration -- business affairs garden.
Garden of company of airport of highway of enterprise of international of center of headquarters base, blame, Bda, Max, Silicon Valley is bright city, the low density office that these 5 projects are region of Beijing city brim is built group. Sheet sums up the characteristic that gives configuration of this kind of office not hard from the name: Attract big company headquarters, the low garden type that pays attention to zoology handles official bussiness, share the industrial resource inside garden area, learn to American Silicon Valley in the round.
At present Beijing low density handles official bussiness project, divide outside having good zoology environment, the most outstanding distinguishing feature should be belonged to " custom-built change " . Go according to Dai Deliang Yang Lei of office building ministry introduces, low density office building is custom-built and at present main reflect in 3 respects: It is floor bearings custom-built, like highway of Bda international enterprise 2 period partial floor bearings it is 500 kilograms / square metre, and general office building is 250 kilograms / square metre, this considers the need such as computer room of the enterprise that be like It namely; 2 it is elevator custom-built, the client that orders earlier can decide the amount of elevator before project start working; 3 it is the space is broken up, be like highway of Bda international enterprise 2 period a layer, top layer is 8.4 meters Loft space, can make it the old hall of an air, perhaps lie between an one whole layer space, if had entered the company of white-collar fashionable dress that be stationed in, regard new fund as dress first reveal hall.
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