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New phenomenon of authority of Nanjing garage dimension
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New phenomenon of authority of Nanjing garage dimension
Why owner in succession does shape accuse house property bureau? The uninterrupted report of our newspaper caused intense attention of the reader, in succession the experience with incoming telegram him similar exposure. Most owner relies on ” of “ folk make a stand against for a long time, and did not go to law< , many development business already took the chance to fill did “ to sell licence ” . Come so, house property bureau becomes another when each village owner engages in a lawsuit new target. It is reported, only at present ” of house of “ dragon door has “ car put in owner 's charge the judgment of all ” , sue house property bureau directly can. And other a few villages all “ from 0 begin ” , be faced with “ to accuse development business or the difficult problem that accuse ” of house property bureau first first. ---Nanjing garage thought fors the time being

Yesterday, the reporter interviewed Jiangsu to save Xue Jimin of bar association vice-chairman with respect to this problem. His analysis says, house property bureau extends ” of “ sale licence is accord with the program, want to sue house property bureau, must decide “ garage belongs to whose ” first. That is to say, owner ought to sue development business first, take “ garage to put in owner 's charge after the judgment of all ” , next just can excellent evidence sues ” of tort of “ of house property bureau. ---Nanjing garage thought fors the time being

Owner: The controversy does not know to who accuse first a long time

Although owner of a few villages approves article ” without “ house price, the “ that buys room contract nevertheless is accessary ” of establishment of form a complete set inside one column, already wrote ” of “ underground garage inside. Basis " price of house of Jiangsu province commodity manages a regulation " , establishment of accessary and communal form a complete set expends be ” of cost of “ commodity house to form a part; Basis " Jiangsu saves property regulation " regulation, “ of the accessary establishment that form a complete set uses, accessory equipment, public share belongs to all owner all ” . ---Nanjing garage thought fors the time being

Above formed ” of “ associated evidence at 3 o'clock, let owner confidence times add. But because develop the “ of business to go regular ” , owner denounces a car the process becomes all the more is complex. It is reported, the development business of several villages already took “ to sell licence ” , this makes owner very afraid, do not know this card effectiveness to have how old? Whether to mean a car already belonged to development business. A lot of owner attend a meeting a few days continuously discuss, still cannot decide “ accuses whose ” first after all. ---Nanjing garage thought fors the time being
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