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Estate adjusting control next: Ask for praedial duty?
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Be in from premier of Home Wen treasure real estate call-overs in governmental working report, to March 17 Chinese people bank raises housing loan interest rate, lukewarm on March 30 premier to emphasize a room to borrow a problem again, bubble of estate of overheat of estate of keep within limits, extruding, already became one of keys of macroscopical this year adjusting control undoubtedly.

As a series of adjusting control methods roll out ceaselessly, the message says, ask for praedial duty in also discussing.

Leave asking for praedial duty is the step with a kind of bigger strength

At present people place says more “ wants timely a property tax ” that ask for, what point to actually is praedial duty or estate tax. Praedial duty is the taxation that collects in the light of area structure and attachment, it is the summation of property tax and estate tax. And property tax is one of praedial duty only, it is the one part duty that develops the pay when business builds a room; Estate tax regulations is mixed for house property duty by fractionize town land royalities, among them house property duty basically is aimed at management sex house property, it is tax of a kind of property, town land royalities is a kind of royalities.

From anticipate the effect looks, asking for praedial duty is one kind compares control land, raise accrual, add ask for estate to make over the step with the bigger strength such as duty, hot to controlling estate, the action that controls estate speculation demand especially is more strong.

Besides, our country shows an estate tax to expend various, “ to trade again light retain of ” collect the problem such as the structure, it is to cause theory of current house price to be mixed high one of main reasons with a large number of unused house property. Accordingly, public opinion thinks generally, incorporate tax cost as soon as possible, the design retains in estate link is unified receive the estate tax that marries house property of basis of the amount of tax to be paid to evaluate estimation to ask for or property tax, imperative.

Finance of institute of finance of courtyard of Chinese company division develops room director Yi Xianrong to think, collect estate tax to be able to rise to house price produce apparent inhibition. After estate tax is carried out, the property that owner has is more, the imposition that hands in is more also, this certainly will raises the hold cost of estate, the investment sex demand of market of so whole estate can be weakened, restrain a spec then.

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