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New phenomenon of authority of Nanjing garage dimension
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Lawyer: Decide who “ garage belongs to first”

The reporter interviewed Jiangsu to save Xue Jimin of bar association vice-chairman with respect to this problem, he suggests to ought to decide “ garage belongs to whose ” first. House property bureau extends ” of “ sale licence is accord with the program, owner must want to take out “ garage to belong to the evidence of owner ” . And the “ house price of prices bureau approves article ” to cannot prove “ garage belongs to owner ” directly again, it can explain the cost apportion of the garage entered house price only. “ house price approves article ” to must want to cooperate " price of house of Jiangsu province commodity manages a regulation " , " regulation of Jiangsu province property " , pass forensic court decision, ability decides “ garage belongs to owner ” . ---Nanjing garage thought fors the time being

After “ decides the garage puts in owner 's charge, can accuse ” of tort of house property bureau, xue Jimin says. The reporter investigates discovery, build a ministry according to the country " urban commodity house opens to booking administrative measure " , development business needs to offer a “ to declare data ” only can. These data include business charter, capital to prove to wait, do not include pair of development business “ whether already affirmatory examine what the garage puts in all owner ” 's charge. So, house property bureau extends licence is “ lawful ” . But, legal administrative action cannot “ enroach on ” of interest of the 3rd person, according to legal provision, owner can sue ” of tort of “ of house property bureau by forensic judgment, ask its cancel licence. ---Thought of Nanjing garage problem fors the time being

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