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Branch of Nanjing city house property: The individual collects money build a roo
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Recently, attending Nanjing estate website to collect money about the individual when the discussion that builds a room, the personage expresses related branch of city house property, the individual collects money build a room to want to establish a legal organization first. The reporter still learns, construction ministry already cased to Nanjing, requirement collect newspaper sends an individual to collect money the circumstance that builds a room.

Establishing legal organization is premise

Build a room to be being fried so that the individual of in full swing collects money by media, basically have two kinds of viewpoints at present socially. Hold with consider as pioneering work of a “ ” , it is right extremely current the revolt of non-standard estate market; Deprecatory think, be faced with a lot of problems, the risk is too big.

Code of policy of bureau of city house property grows Li Heng to express everywhere, the individual collects money building a room is not a strange thing actually, for instance Nanjing also has housing cooperation. But he says, the individual collects money build a room to want to establish a legal organization above all, want to have oneself constituent constitution, and constitution should be approved through relevant section. Establish legal organization lawfully only, the government just can support.

The individual collects money build a room cannot act blindly

Nanjing of “ my love expresses from the Shao Jiao of ” of the club that build a room, the individual collects money build a room to be able to save below 4 charge. Develop cost of sales of business profit, ad, orgnaization to maintain charge and project loan interest namely, manage mode plus capital transparent, can save 15 % to come about 20 % .

The personage inside course of study introduces, collect money the time that builds a room to also need the most quickly two years, run the cycle that has 3 years about normally. Li Heng at this point advice says, do not think collect money build a room to spend very few money to buy a room namely. And the plan collects money now the person that builds a room also does not want act blindly, only when when the country has specific provision, ability can be engaged in these activities according to these regulations. And although the country allows an individual to collect money in the future,build a room, but have specific requirement to the metropolis such as fund raising object, means, impossible everybody can enter this city constant

The country already cased to Nanjing begin survey
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