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Why should China restrict foreign capital to fry a room?
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In the capital gross that buys a room every year in our country, foreign capital place occupies scale and not quite, but because it is centered in a few city such as Beijing, Shanghai, add the demonstrative effect with tremendous itself, aid those who pushed Chinese estate value to rise directly. Be in Shanghai at least, after 2002 of house price considerably violent wind rises, result of foreign capital “ cannot do not have ” .

The behavior of foreign capital, offsetted the country is opposite greatly the effect of estate adjusting control. After the country published the adjusting control measure of pair of estate markets 2005, foreign capital enters the pace of Chinese estate market without rein in not only, increased to wait for the investment measure of central city to Beijing, Shanghai instead. 2005, foreign capital casts the 11 billion dollar to Chinese real estate in, about 70% concentration happen at the second half of the year after adjusting control policy comes on stage.

Besides buy directly praedial or outside be engaged in estate developing, foreign capital still passes the means that offers financing to domestic company to affect domestic estate town constant especially in June 2003 after the portion, below the influence that adopts constrictive estate credit policy in the country, domestic estate company solves the problem that capital is in short supply in succession through the means of the financing outside the condition, a lot of inside endowment the enterprise realizes foreign capital to change directly through all sorts of means even. As a result of the action of foreign capital, the effectiveness of a series of banking policy that the country adopts to real-estate industry got comparative of degree restrict.

Many capital flows into the estate market of our country, increased the pressure that the RMB appreciates. After 2001, below the influence of domestic and international element, the RMB produced those who appreciate to anticipate. According to the experience of Japan and area of our country Taiwan, in the process that appreciates in this money, the asset such as estate and stock can arise rise in price, attract many foreign capital to cast computer room real estate and stock market, and the afflux of a large number of foreign capital farther aggrandizement of native money appreciate anticipate.

Nowadays, the exchange rate reform of the RMB has been started, if estate price still rises ceaselessly, criterion international capital can pass congenial home estate and exchange rate to earn double profit, it brings terrible consequence to hypostatic economy not only, and meet what bring about a RMB further appreciate anticipate. This is our country government must vigilant.

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