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Nanjing increases average house to plan to control day price for the ground " gr
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Nanjing increases average house to plan to control ” of king of ground of day price “ for the ground
Reporter of report from our correspondent strengthens land sell one's own things and know of administrative job conference from the Nanjing city that holds yesterday, to alleviate the supply and demand of land market contradicts, this city will increase land to supply, in original annual 865 hectare manage what the gender uses the ground to supply gross foundation to go up, increase residence of 100 hectare general goods to supply a plan with the ground again. In principle of dimensions of land sell one's own things will be in control henceforth 100 - 200 mus, in order to put an end to phenomenon of ground of development business store up, ensure commodity house market is supplied in order.

Concern personage introduction according to bureau of Nanjing city land, nanjing of below one phase still will continue to increase land to supply. On one hand, increase residence of 100 hectare general goods to supply a plan with the ground. In the meantime, the policy sex housing such as applicable housing uses house of commodity of the low in continueing to increase, economy the ground is supplied, adopt alone construction or insert in commodity house village build wait for a form, solve more in of family of difficulty of low income housing how to reside a problem. Among them, with “ 4 be restricted one contest ” (be restricted house price, be restricted to cover model, be restricted to build a standard, be restricted to buy price of object, contest) of way sell one's own things in low commodity house uses the ground, the plan offers the ground this year 50 hectare, already rolled out about 40 hectare, can build house of commodity of the 5000 more than low in covering. Municipal government uses the situation with very tight ground in construction this year, delimit newly again 21 ground, 4196 mus, as today bright economy of two years is applicable housing (contain tear open change to find a place for room) add project construction newly to use the ground. Low commodity house is mixed in economy is applicable 30% what housing has occupied whole town house to supply gross with the ground with the ground.

In optimize respect of the structure that offer the ground, nanjing city will increase pair of rivers the residence of urban district of Xi Xincheng area, Jiang Ning, Jiang Beixin is supplied with the ground.

What develop to control land is periodic, ensure commodity house puts in the market in order in time, nanjing city will adopt a few big step: It is the dimensions of plot of reasonable control sell one's own things, in principle is in 100-200 or so mus, development cycle demarcate is made clear to be in 3 years or so in contract of land sell one's own things. 2 it is to hold to with land of sell one's own things of only place type, the land that already had 70% at present hangs out his shingle clean ground already was torn open namely when sell one's own things, the house can be built after get out of the way sends an enterprise to take land. 3 it is to increase right already the later period of land of sell one's own things dogs management, develop construction to pressing a regulation, undertake strictly handling by agreement of contract of sell one's own things, collection penalty due to breach of contract, land is unused till cost calls in land access.
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