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Does tax evasion duty become the source of estate sudden huge profits?
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Branch of Ningxia duty Wu announces a message to show, ningxia whole area was checked 2007 fill, Qing Dynasty owes estate company tax payment to amount to 1 . 9.7 billion yuan, be equivalent to place 2003 amount of imposition of put in storage of estate company annual.

Ningxia circumstance is not a case, and other places of Anhui, Guangdong, Fujian also for many times situation of tax of tax evasion of fish estate company is serious, a few enterprises check filling income taxation only one comes in millions ten million yuan. Real estate profit margin is apparent prep above is other industry, but partial development business adopts all sorts of methods to steal money of dodge a tax however, appear a few land agent are ” of gain “ giant, pay tax “ pygmean ” . The personage inside a few course of study discloses, develop the origin of sudden huge profits of business, besides tall house price, steal an evade taxation namely.

Tax evasion duty becomes origin of estate company sudden huge profits, the mainest reason depends on local government too revenue of estate of rely heavily on sb's service and the development concept that rely on to betray land to manage a city. Chief says helplessly related branch of Ningxia duty Wu, estate revenue is jumped over in the proportion in local taxation big, investigate rise to do not have bottom gas more, because once this industry catenary appears problem, whole taxation can be not stabilized. Be this kind of concern and worry, greatly abet act of tax evasion tax.

In addition, the determination that lack of a few local government checks after all to business of tax evasion tax is enraged with brave, also bring about heart of business of a few development to put evade taxation of fluky evade taxes. From eye antecedent condition looks, duty of estate company tax evasion although by fish problem, it is filling capture imposition commonly, maximum part in order to fine, because of stealing money of dodge a tax to be found out the estate company of legal responsibility reachs development business to be done not have basically. Come so, prevent estate business effectively very hard not to hand in taxation lawfully.

Estate company steals money of dodge a tax to make the taxation incur of country and place great wantonly loss. If things go on like this, return unhealthy trend of will further industry, disturb the fairness of market economy competes then order rule, destroy the dignity of national revenue policy and legal system. To this, must cause height to take seriously, and lawfully severity is investigated.

Current, estate value and sudden huge profits become people to pay close attention to a focus, also be a country the key of macroscopical adjusting control. Blow estate company seeks profit money of dodge a tax, illegally secretly, must company of sufficient recognize estate steals local government the serious harm of the evade taxation, fulfill responsibility strictly, perfect taxation examination, jam as soon as possible flaw, normative industry pay taxes and collect fees behavior, collect a more public financial resources to cast Xiang Lian to hire room and economy thereby applicable room construction.
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