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Unscramble Nanjing house property new politics
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These days the lively degree of road of Nanjing city overseas Chinese is peremptory exceeded Nanjing any corner, because bureau of Nanjing city house property is located on this road, and yesterday is a country house property of 7 ministries and commissions is new politics the last day of executive deadline. Yesterday, property right of bureau of Nanjing city house property trades the center is ground of occur for the first time more lengthen office hours to midnight at 12 o'clock. The citizen that is driven in the last day to deal with formalities of of all kinds house property is almost crowded exploded trade central hall, controlled at 6 o'clock last night, more car of two TV living broadcast stops in property right to trade central doorway. This becomes the focus that Nanjing citizen pays close attention to most here, because Nanjing city fulfils house property of 7 ministries and commissions new politics each detailed rules will be given out by here. The reporter contacted property right to trade at 5 o'clock yesterday afternoon central office when easy director, easy chairman represents, specific detailed rules has come on stage when 4 o'clock, but specific content still cannot see now. In awaiting anxiously, controlled at 8 o'clock in the late evening eventually saw this Nanjing citizen raises his head and look in order to longed for a month new politics.

   Nanjing house property is new politicsNot area of “ new ” is contradictory and outstanding

In principle of new common housing standard should satisfy the following standard at the same time: Except two counties of tall honest, Li water, cubage of building of village of each region house leads the others to cover floor area to clinch a deal below, actually in 144 square metre in 1 above, sheet the price under trade on average with the housing on level land the price 1.44 times the following. That is to say, the blame that does not accord with 3 afore-mentioned conditions is common housing, cannot enjoy later include a room to borrow, the favourable policy of the many sided such as taxation.

See such detailed rules can'ts help making a person a little disappointed, this is a 7 ministries and commissions merely new politics medium sheet covers floor area 120 square metre and clinch a deal actually the price under trade on average with the housing on level land the price 1.2 times the following, put according to the extent of the biggest float of 20 % the biggest. The different area that common people cares most is belonged to whether to distinguish treatment problem criterion the word was not carried.

Be in early house property of 7 ministries and commissions is new politics after coming on stage, have many citizens and expert whether reasonable to average room standard, whether the problem that this one knife cuts put forward doubt. Because, nanjing advocate city north of each area and Jiang Ning, river, 6 close wait for environs the house price difference of each area is bigger, stipulate according to so uniform standard average room mark is accurate fact is a little unreasonable.
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