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Branch of Nanjing city house property: The individual collects money build a roo
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of late media reports, nanjing allows an individual impossibly to collect money build a room. To this, a researcher expresses branch of city house property, want legal laws and regulations to allow only, OK and modest progress builds a room oneself, this also is a kind of complement of pair of existing housing products. So, what branch of Nanjing room canal should do is normative individual collect money the behavior that build a room, and did not say “ clearly not ” . Contrary, the individual collects money build a room to already got now of the country take seriously. It is reported, build a ministry already a few days ago, to the individual collects money the city such as the Nanjing of the tendercy that build a room, Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu sends case, ask these urban collect newspapers send local individual to collect money the circumstance that build a room, ask for this 5 big cities to build director branch the opinion to this matter and proposal. Meanwhile, the branch also been payinging close attention to an individual to collect money related the country build what the likelihood in the room appears to violate compasses phenomenon, collect money to illegimate individual behavior calls determined “ to stop ” .

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