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White-collar office building handles official bussiness " 4 big painful "
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The office building of grace of place oneself environment, the air conditioning big house that is in wintry warm Xia Liang personally, enjoy the computer with advanced configuration alone, such white-collar job is admired evil spirit other people, how many person fell in love with the life in office building so. The white-collar that can slant to that body does not know blessing in blessing blames an office building to come. In that whole sealing " ferroconcrete box " in, white-collar feeling is less than outside the driveway is windward gallop the car that moves back and forth like electric pull brings " billow prostitution " , the bound comes out outside also be not being experienced " wonderful much appearance " . Awfuller, he (she) people encounter a variety of distressed place even.

  The 1st painful lunch is insipid

Famished look is single be like pig feed, do not see meat or fish surpasses bunny.

Painful enunciative: Azona fights at Cbd one office building

Be in " the ground pop chart with insipid meal " on, if the dining-room of office building is so-called the 2nd, dare say with respect to nobody the first. According to oneself not complete textual research, since having office building, lunch became a white-collar the biggest in the heart painful.

Just entered a company, face the buffet midday, I become very happy. Look at beside arrive the elder with lunch woebegone time, I am dark sigh: "Do not know oneself in blessing nest personally. " but the time is long, new interest passed, those day day reports for duty cabbage patch, aubergine, potato becomes face is hideous rise. Then, the time that does not enter dining-room into dining-room comparing is much, the meal that fall is more than eating meal. Civilian it is a day in order to feed, nowadays, the day was about to collapse. Do not have method, be forced to eat to the outside with colleague join as a partner, cost costly. Have to eat again, knows to want to work overtime again in the evening!

Painful setting:

1. Lunch time, dining-room, the female colleague of charming be angry shows the dish of a true body of dishful difficult differentiate complains: "Well, what is this? Let a family how eat! " forthright male colleague is carrying the potato that cannot find two flesh to burn beef to be angry: "Bunny is fed here! "Bunny is fed here!!

2. Afternoon, dining-room controller attends a meeting to employee, its speak several times by " midge cries " kind applause is interrupted, wonderful content is as follows roughly: "The cistern of the kitchen is to use those who wash dish, but I discover recently, somebody washs the dress over, return somebody to be there shampoo. This is incorrect. If be reachcaptured by me again next time, amerce! Amerce!!

Painful consequence:

thin employee no matter you are active or innocently, lose weight is a fact. Come so, it is leave out the money that buys medicine reducing weight.
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