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How to answer the Spring Festival 4 big syndrome
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Shop, go on a journey, recreation, dine together, the meeting is friendly... in Spring Festival long holiday, people comes out from the disengagement in ferial and busy life rhythm, loosen the mood, choose different kind to spend the Spring Festival. But enjoying joy length a holiday while, because live not the rule, various " syndrome length a holiday " wear in the worry again people. Media did the investigation that a 5000 people participate in before the Spring Festival, ask about " after long holiday passes, whether do you have disease of dread going to work " when? The person that has 48.1% expresses to have this symptom. This shows, go to work after the section become white-collars affection of the anxiety in the heart. Today, it is the first weekday after the section, how does office worker cast off a worry as soon as possible, devote into normal life buoyantly?

What is meant by " syndrome length a holiday "

In former years, the people of a lot of regain work station has such experience: Inside 3 days two after the section, the work efficiency that go to work is very low, for a long time cannot enter condition, mood be agitated, energy is centered hard, dejected, downhearted, even body and mind is lack of power, have headache, fatigue, appetite not beautiful, insomnia, drowse a variety of unwell, some returns companion to have the undesirable mood reaction such as depressed, lose, fretted uneasiness even, this is so called " syndrome length a holiday " . Because long false recreation is excessive,this is, the body does not have the time that rests adequately, human body biological clock is thrown into confusion, cause plant nerve function disorder. When entering normal life condition, biological clock adjustment does not come over, come down flabbily " bowstring " cannot get used to nervous and busy job temporarily, produce a variety of symptoms consequently.

1, " recreational syndrome "

Had a holiday, "Net bug " very happy. Be in at ordinary times unit, working hours does not allow to get online, after coming home, also cannot play too for a long time. 7 days grow a holiday, almost everyday bubble is on the net, every night bubble just goes to bed to before dawn. A few the world come, feel the eye is acerb, look in the mirror, two blood red, became bunny eye! This kind of circumstance, namely " recreational syndrome " a medium kind. During the festival, a lot of people get online, play until dawn of mahjong all night, forget food and sleep. This not only the influence lives normally, make eye, encephalemia, circulation of blood of the whole body is maladjusted, appear dazed, have a headache, dazed, memory drops, the unwell symptom such as limbs coma, if get online or the person that hit mahjong place to have smoking, long in be in contaminative environment, cause respiratory tract disease easily still.

Because stay up late,this is when, cerebrum oxygen demand can increase, should let at ordinary times indoor maintain air expedite, have certain humidity, often can do a deep breathing; Fill in order to sleep sleep, if time allows, midday must nap. Stay up late can make the person's digestion becomes poor circularly, cannot eat so too full, and with delicate give priority to, eat the food with vitamin fast content more. Gastric bowel is bad that with Morpheus bad person can drink the hot tea of medlar bubble or chrysanthemum scented tea.
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