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The importance of breakfast of white-collar health eat
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Wake up overnight, the dextrose that stores inside body already was used up to danger, be badly in need of complementary capabilities and nutrition at this moment. However the edible of many person ignored breakfast, just often eat casually a bit, or flat do not eat. Such truly save trouble, but inestimable however to healthy influence, whether edible breakfast, how to match the breed of breakfast, healthy to human body influence is all in all.

Maigre breakfast a group of things with common features

To Miss Chen that prandial nutrition cares about all the more, enthusiastically fell in love with maigre breakfast nowadays. "I use pink of pink of yeasty pink, black sesame seed, milk powder, almond, Yi benevolence pink, unpolished rice pink, currant to wait, add in develop a bowl stiff stiff congee, listen to others to say later, draft fruit is gold in the morning, eating midday is silver-colored, eating in the evening is copper, join the fruit again so in the menu of breakfast. " additional, the breakfast of Miss Chen still includes a lettuce of a bottle of yoghurt, a few, egg that boil, two bake whole wheat toast. Because breakfast eats more, so Miss Chen arrived not to feel too hungry midday.

Nutrient division comments on: In light of whole, rich and this breakfast sort is balanced. The yeasty pink of stiff congee is vitamin B group good origin, this kind eats a law is the choice with right vegetarian.

Deep-fried twisted dough sticks of sesame seed cake a group of things with common features

When more and more person draws close to Western-style breakfast, hold the post of in magazine company editorial Ms. Zhang or the breakfast of traditional Chinese style that match soya-bean milk to sesame seed cake, deep-fried twisted dough sticks have a special liking. "Often eat deep-fried twisted dough sticks in one's childhood, after be brought up, feel deep-fried twisted dough sticks is deepfry content insalubrious, so choice sesame seed cake is become now breakfast.

Nutrient division comments on: Dumpling of cake of sesame seed cake, deep-fried twisted dough sticks, turnip, decoct, have the problem of grease on the high side. Of deep-fried twisted dough sticks apparently look so that see oil, there can be vigilance when everybody eats, but think sesame seed cake is baked normally, the surface does not float glossy, quantity of heat and grease are compared certainly little, but the fact is not certain and such. Sesame seed cake tastes sweet crisp goluptious, because make,be completely when added a lot of oil. The quantity of heat of a sesame seed cake is about 230, 250 calories, make an appointment with the quantity of heat of 25% to come from among them at adipose, food of sex of the fat in also be being belonged to plus soya-bean milk, the grease of this kind of combination measures honest on the high side. Of soya-bean milk of collocation of sesame seed cake, deep-fried twisted dough sticks eat a law, it is OK that protein still calculates, nevertheless, grease is overmuch, quality is inferior.
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