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Shanghai, of buckish backside " of skyscraper painful "
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  Bad news money: Height is not a problem already, architect people the high-rise that can build 1000 meters of above completely now, but superhigh building should cost on 100 million dollars at every turn. The Jin Mao edifice that horizontal sky is born spent 540 million dollar, subsequently and those who come is expensive operation safeguards cost -- " Jin Mao opens the door 1 million " , everyday operation expenses is controlled in 1 million yuan

  Foundation sinks: At present Shanghai high level builds many more than 4000, shanghai is sinking every year with 1.5 centimeters speed. Be in land home especially the mouth, the ground year all sink 3 centimeters, and near Jin Mao edifice sink on average amount to 6.3 centimeters

 Influence city: Emphasize too when the program " postcard type " figure is revealed, the building is individual appear came, but the urban function such as traffic, commerce is not perfect, bury issued hidden trouble

  Satisfy vanity: The grandmother of new housing development of Pu Xiwei mill, these two high-rise can be seen from kitchen window when stir-frying everyday, feel right to the life was full of confidence

"Be about to try with the ruler of heaven than tall " below driving force, the tower of exceeding lofty or great in commercial society -- a taller than skyscraper rises in ceaseless vertical stroke. By May, shanghai is new " the first tall " plan is definite -- 580 meters " Shanghai center " , by the dragon form that the design becomes dish of screw on to rise.

"Golden triangle " new height

The megalosaurus that if circle with,rises, dragon end becomes warped on coping. The office of American Gensler architect that just wins the bid certainly is right its " Shanghai center " the description of the design is: 8  graceful  is cut old man Hou is shown shut imperial order relatively ザ of refine of  of celestial being of  of Ran silk ribbon makes fun of  of discharge of  of Chi of W of loose shrimp of  kang  hold  of grave of adept of    feeds scabbard to fetters toad of mu of  favour Pi! ?

"' dragon form ' plan very act artfully to get what one wants, echo Chinese is right the complex of dragon. " an architect comment says. This lets Gensler be in last rounds conquer competitor -- build Great Master Norman Forster and him " fastigium " plan. Norman Forster's plan is like a fashionable " bamboo shoot " break ground new student, but the building depends on 3 strong point to bear the weight of only, square to construction test is very big. "Dragon form " the advantage still depends on, top can borrow by aerial farther " long tall " .

"Shanghai center " the Z3-2 plot of the place is located in area of core of Home Xiaoliu mouth, by Jin Mao center of edifice, round-the-world banking, medium encircle of silver-colored edifice, Oriental bright phearl among them. Come a few years, it is only here temporarily golf exercise field and the parking lot of the high-rise around. At the beginning of this year, a 3 Z3-2 plot that fold decided owner finally, construction of Shanghai center edifice develops limited company to register capital to be 5.4 billion yuan, cast mouth of home of company, land by Shanghai city joint-stock company, city builds industry group tripartite joint-stock hold water, occupy respectively 51% , 45% with 4% . Anticipate as this 580 meters the first high-rise unplugged in December this year the ground and case, 2014 complete, "The next engine that land home mouth and even Shanghai economy progress will be here " .
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