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White-collar 10 wrong and fashionable popular concepts
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Shang Zhi one: Seafood eats just as well more

Fashionable reason: "Unripe fierce seafood " , light is to see these a few words on wine shop shopwindow let together of person thoughts or recollections flashing across one's mind quite. The shrimp with delicious flavour ah of crab, belong to high protein, low adipose food, eat to be worn with shout not at all more decrease weight.

Overturn reason: Healthy dietary principle is nutrition balanced, say turkey to one and bazzard to another can be just the opposite to what one wished. Seafood is delicious really nutrition is tall, but it is profitless to eat more. It brings people very easily disease of a kind of contemporary riches and honour -- gouty. Its germ depends on seafood containing a lot ofpurine, it can cause human body metabolization is disorder, cause gout disease of sex of this kind of metabolization. Clinical characteristic relapses for arthritis of disease of acerbity blood of high make water, acute the symptom such as fit. The patient arrives ten minutes in a few minutes inside articulatory and red, become hard sorely. The disease of modern has mood reason to cause, work for instance nervous, angst, also have human relation disharmonious brought be worried, depressed etc. But most person still results from food is unreasonable do not have the rule with life daily life. So, although seafood flavour is beautiful, but it is advisable to eat less.

Fashionable: Sleeping is the general a magic weapon of beautiful skin

Fashionable reason: The reader teachs so on book of a lot of hairdressing: Enough sleep maintains to cutaneous crucial. This offerred the reason bilking a bed of one is assured and bold with justice to one part lazy girl.

Overturn reason: The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine tells " body of five internal lesion caused by overexertion " it is to point to: Long lie flesh of gas, sedentary injury, long bone establishing an injury, long the blood that inspect an injury, long hurt muscle all right. Long bedfast make blood of person energy of life easily insufficient, because enrage blood is interaction: Enrage travel of travel criterion blood, blood of criterion of stagnation of the circulation of vital energy stops, gas is no good a heart's-blood silt. The gas blood that hematic silt causes is illogical the ache that can cause the body. Alleged " general rule indolence, painful be illogical " , those who say is this truth. Some people shut-eye rises the body ases if carried a hill on the back, be without relaxed and cheerful feeling, besides original chronic illness, had slept the head also may be a reason.

Fashionable: Bubble, card pulls OK, the expression of city life tide

Fashionable reason: To a city, pretty but bubble, also mirrorred the fashionable index of this city. Bubble, card pulls OK to be able to alleviate already actuating pressure, still can enlarge association circle, can become the one part of our lifestyle of course.

Overturn reason: The person's function is like crops, also unripe, Xia Chang, autumn harvest, winter hides cent spring. What wintry Tibet points to is the person wants conserce strength and store up energy. Be full of the bar of foul air and noise and card to pull OK hall is not the good place of conserce strength and store up energy. Of the city big, midnight still rush about outside, as time passes, saying with its is to go to these places to go " cure is hurt " , still be inferior to saying is to look for disease.
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