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The market mirrors demand of office building of differ Asia-Pacific area " polar
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Office building market is to suffer second borrow the crisis to affect the biggest market jointly. At present till, each office building markets mirror Asia-Pacific area differ. Amplitude of hire of Tokyo office building puts delay quickly, of Singapore hire hire level to begin to drop beforehand, finance serves course of study to serve as the important tenement of Pudong, the slow down to office building demand also certainly will affects Shanghai; On the other hand, transnational corporation of benefit from benefit from is wrapped outside to reduce operation cost business, growth of market of Manila office building is driving. This was a few days ago the reporter goes from intermediate quantity couplet newest release " summary of Asia-Pacific area property " in understand.

It is reported, 2007, direct investment ever achieved the commercial estate of Asia-Pacific area the history that gives 121 billion dollar is new tall, relatively rose 2006 27 % . Nevertheless, at the beginning of 2008, the capital market of Asia-Pacific area feels the influence that borrows the crisis a few times.

The expert predicts, the whole of Asia-Pacific area trades this year the volume will drop somewhat. Nevertheless, those rely on the investor with debt small financing lesser to still many capital is cast to estate, before whole invests market hopeful to be by this year, pick up somewhat.

The development trend that another is worth to pay close attention to is, japanese investor favors the market in a few development, wait like China, India. "Although get the grim challenge of international banking environment and natural disaster, china remains the main impetus that Asian economy grows. In Beijing Olympic Games strong drive, we predict investor and user to pick up in second half of the year to the confidence hopeful of estate market. " China of travel of intermediate quantity couplet studies the ministry is in charge of He Enkai to think so.

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